Looking for a great pen? You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a sturdy, well-designed pen that looks as good as it functions; one that works as hard as you do. Consider the Steel line from Zebra Pen, a collection of remarkable writing instruments that are a significant upgrade from everyday plastic pens, and they are surprisingly affordable.

These are popular pens, and for many reasons. First and foremost, the barrels are made of stainless steel—sleek, smooth, strong steel. Add in features like a comfortable grip, smooth flowing ink and easy refills, and we are talking about a special collection of pens. Whether it’s the best-selling F-301 that manages to be both lightweight and durable, or the impressive F-701, as precise as the best tool on the workbench, there is a Steel pen or pencil that is right for you. All very reasonably priced.

Like a maker of fine automobiles, the Steel Collection is numbered. Choose from the everyday 3-Series, high quality 4 Series or top-of-the line 7 series. An array of different ink colors, grips and barrel designs let you and make it your own. Here is a detailed guide to the Zebra Pen Steel Collection. 



F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

Introducing America’s #1 steel ballpoint pen: the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen. This stainless steel beauty has premium features, including a sleek steel barrel, textured grip, and metal clip. Its easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing experience and outshines the competition. The F-301 Ballpoint is ideal for portability and works as hard as you do, even on your busiest days. Choose from four ink colors with matching grip: Black, Blue, Green or Red. Available in a 0.7mm, 1.0mm, and 1.6mm point size. Some colors are not available in certain point sizes. Refillable with F-Refill.



F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen—Breast Cancer Awareness

Zebra Pen is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. With its pink trim and grip, use the Breast Cancer Awareness F-301 pen to express your support for breast cancer research. This pen features all the same benefits as the traditional F-301 Ballpoint (steel barrel, comfortable grip, easy glide ink performance, etc.). We know that pink is tough, and we recognize the efforts of those who bravely battle breast cancer every day. Only available in black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.



F-301 Compact Ballpoint Pen


A flexible and versatile pen, this go-anywhere version of the F-301 Ballpoint Retractable has the ability to collapse down in size, so it can be stored or carried with ease. Expand the pen to write and work, then collapse it later for portability. With a stainless steel barrel and clip, a no-slip, textured grip, and easy glide ink, the F-301 Compact is as practical as it is stylish. Only available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.


301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen

Show your true colors with the 301A Ballpoint Retractable Pen - all of the great features of the original F-301 Ballpoint Retractable, but now available in four fashionable aluminum barrel colors: Blue, Gold, Grey, or Maroon! Amp up your style and express yourself with this sophisticated pen. The textured grip of this pen allows for a comfortable writing experience with every use. Because of the secure metal clip, you won’t have to worry about losing your pen or having it roll around your work space. The easy glide ink delivers a smooth writing performance, and it’s the perfect pen for everyday use. Only available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill



M-301 Mechanical Pencil

All of the quality and style you expect from our 3-Series pens, but now in a mechanical pencil! The rugged, sophisticated M-301 mechanical pencil is ideal for writing, sketching, and drafting. Featuring a stainless steel barrel that is the hallmark of the Steel line, this mechanical pencil is a practical addition to your Steel collection. The ridged grip allows for comfort when writing, and a handy eraser can be found neatly tucked under the cap. A durable clip ensures easy portability, too. Available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes. Refillable with standard lead.



G-301 Gel Retractable Pen

Do you love Gel pens? This one’s for you. The G-301 is equipped with the same sleek, stainless steel barrel and popular features as its F-301 counterpart, but is filled with gel ink. The smooth flowing G-301 makes writing and drawing both clean and effortless. The easy glide of the gel ink will make this your go-to pen for everything. Choose either Black or Blue ink with matching grip. Available in a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with the JK-Refill.



V-301 Fountain Pen

The V-301 Fountain Pen is new and improved. The upgraded design features a new, and fitted, stainless steel nib to drastically improve performance and ink flow. The V-301 has all the great Steel 3 Series features, plus a fitted cap to protect the tip. This fountain pen looks refined and professional and makes writing a pleasure. A convenient metal clip lets you keep it with you on the go. Choose from Black or Blue ink. Refillable with V-Refill.



R-301 Rollerball Pen

If you love the smooth effect of a fountain pen, but want the ease and value of a rollerball, you’ve found it here in the R-301 Rollerball Pen. Its precise arrow tip lets you exert less pressure when writing, producing smooth and crisp lines and a carefree writing experience. The sturdiness of this steel pen stands up to everyday demands, and the easy-off cap allows you to protect your pockets and preserve ink. The ribbed grip makes the R-301 comfortable all day long. Choose from Blue or Black ink. Available in a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with R-Refill.



H-301 Highlighter

Over those old, bulky highlighters? Come experience the versatile, ultra-sleek H-301 Steel Highlighter. The minimalist design looks great, and is highly functional. With its chisel tip you can mark or underline with ease and precision and never have to worry about smudges or smearing. The lightweight H-301 Steel Highlighter is easy to carry and secure with its metal clip. The rubber grip allows for control and comfort. Choose from two vibrant color: Pink or Yellow. Refillable with HL-Refill. https://www.zebrapen.com/product/h-301-stainless-steel-highlighter/?source=brand




F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen

The 4-Series of the Steel takes a step up in refinement. The F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen has the same classic stainless steel barrel as the 3 series, but it is a little heftier. It’s well balanced for a better writing experience with more comfort. The upgraded non-slip, rubberized grip, has a more professional look. Style and durability are key when it comes to the F-402. This pen fits perfectly into an executive shirt pocket, folder or bag. A designer metal clip keeps it secure. Choose from 2 ink colors: Black or Blue. Available in a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.



F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen
This is a beautiful pen. The 7-Series of the Steel Family offers the sleekest look with a top-of-the-line writing experience. And it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding workplaces. The F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen is a favorite of engineers and architects, who appreciate good design, as well first responders who have to rely on their tools, no matter how harsh the conditions. The heavy-duty stainless steel barrel is rugged and strong and resists corrosion. The knurled metal grip adds comfort and control, and the retractable plunger mechanism is soft and silent with every click. The F-701 is handsome pen, a style statement and the last pen you’ll ever need. Available in Black ink and a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with F-Refill.



M-701 Mechanical Pencil

The M-701 Mechanical Pencil has all the upgraded features as the F-701 pen, but with the function of a mechanical pencil. Featuring a designer stainless steel tip, barrel and clip, the M-701 is ideal for any writing needs, sketching or drafting. Its functionality is first-class. The knurled grip provides total control and advancing the lead is whisper quiet. Well balanced and sleek, this mechanical pencil exudes style and professionalism, and makes a perfect complement to the F-701 pen. Available in a 0.7mm point size. Refillable with standard lead.



Product Name Series Type Barrel Colors Ink Colors Point/Lead Sizes (mm) Grip Features
F-301 3 3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black Blue Red Green 0.7mm 1.0mm 1.6 mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
F-301—BCA 4 3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Pink, Non-slip, textured Pink trim, Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
F-301 Compact 5 3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink, Collapsible
301A 6 3-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Blue Gold Grey Maroon Black 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
M-301 7 3-Series Mechanical Pencil Steel 0.5mm 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Eraser
G-301 8 3-Series Gel RT Pen Steel Black Blue 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Smooth Gel Ink
V-301 9 3-Series Fountain Pen Steel Black Blue Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Easy-pull cap, Steel nib
R-301 10 3-Series Rollerball Pen Steel Black Blue 0.7mm Non-slip, textured Metal clip, Arrow tip
H-301 11 3-Series Highlighter Steel Pink Yellow Non-slip, textured Chisel tip, Metal clip, Smooth Glide Ink
F-402 13 4-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black Blue 0.7mm Soft, rubber grip Designer metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
F-701 15 7-Series Ballpoint RT Pen Steel Black 0.7mm Knurled, metal grip Metal clip, Easy Glide Ink
M-701 16 7-Series Mechanical Pencil Steel 0.7mm Knurled, metal grip Metal clip


Our Steel series of pens, pencils, and highlighters are as strong as they are sophisticated. Choose a pen that is suitable for all your needs. Find Zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.