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We all have frequently asked questions or would like to connect with someone, somehow, some way. At Zebra Pen we look forward to connecting with you and providing excellent customer service. Here are just a few common questions that are often asked.

Let us know if you have a question that isn’t in our FAQ. Perhaps it will make our list and assist another consumer in finding information quickly.


Where can I buy Zebra products? Can I purchase products directly from Zebra Pen?

Zebra Pen products can be purchased most anywhere office or school supplies are sold: office superstore locations, major mass market stores, and independent office product dealers. You can also purchase our products here on our website.

How can I search for an item?

If you know exactly what item you’re looking for, every page on ZEBRAPen.com will have a white search bar on the top right where you can enter any search term and all the relevant pages will populate. Please contact Customer Service at (800) 247-7170 if you are unable to find the product for which you are searching.

If you would like to casually browse our products, hover over “Products” on the top of the website and click “Pen Type”. From there, you can browse all of our products or narrow it down according to your preference of pen type, point size, ink color, etc.

Can I ship to another address other than my billing address?

Yes, you can ship to an address that’s not your billing address! The website will prompt you for your billing address upon checkout. What you may not notice is that to the right, the website automatically assumes you will be shipping to your bill address. Uncheck the box that says “Ship to Billing Address?” and a form will appear to ship to an alternate address.

What lead can I use to refill my pencils?

Any appropriate lead diameter will work with our mechanical pencils, but it is important to note that our product performance tests are based on the usage of Zebra Pen brand leads.

Does Zebra sell parts for their products, such as caps or barrels?

We do not sell product parts other than refills and eraser replacements.

What is post-consumer waste?

Post-consumer waste is the garbage that individuals routinely discard. The Zebra Eco line of products uses these discarded goods to create various components of the writing instrument. Some of the waste products that are used to develop the Eco writing instruments are cell phones, battery cases, car headlights, and compact disc cases.

Do Zebra’s Eco products meet the same quality standards as Zebra’s other branded items?

Yes, Zebra’s Eco products perform up to the same quality standards that Zebra uses for all other products.

Does Zebra Pen Corp. guarantee their products?

Zebra Pen Corp. guarantees the performance of their writing instruments. If your writing instrument fails to perform properly, please send your defective product(s) for repair or replacement to the below address. Please note that this guarantee is void in the event that there is evidence of abuse beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Zebra Pen Corp
Attn: Customer Service
242 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837

How do I obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), formerly known as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

Zebra’s SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) are available upon request by contacting customer service.

How smooth is smooth vs smoother vs smoothest?

Smoothness is defined by something called the “coefficient of friction” which is ratio between the force necessary to move one surface horizontally over another surface and the pressure between the two surfaces. ZEBRA’s Emulsion Ink Technology has the lowest (best) friction measurement of anything currently on the market, which can be found in our Z-Mulsion line of products and are available in a wide variety of colors and point sizes.

Do Zebra Pens work in cold weather?

In general, the majority of our inks will function as intended in cold temperatures not lower than -5 degrees Celsius, but may vary based on conditions. Conditions such as air humidity, how long your pen has been expose to the elements, as well as the particular writing surface. Since Zebra cannot duplicate every possible condition, we would always recommend that you test for performance for your particular situation. We always guarantee our products, so if they fail to perform properly, they can return it to Zebra Pen Corp. for replacement.

Are Zebra Pens and Pencils latex free?

Yes, all ZEBRA products are latex free.

Are ZEBRA Pens and Pencils BPA (Bisphenol A) free?

We do not use plastics containing BPA in any of our products.

Does Zebra Pen have a Bid Department?

Yes. You can contact the bid administrator by emailing zebrabids@zebrapen.com

How can I protect myself from check fraud?

Use Orbitz gel retractable pens from Zebra Pen! Mail snatchers use a process called check washing to erase the ink on a check using common household chemicals and then re-write the check in any amount they think they can get away with! Protect yourself from this criminal act using check safe pens, such as the Orbitz Gel Pen. This special ink includes pigments that penetrate the paper’s surface and render it immune to many check washing techniques. Look for our Check Safe Ink logo for all our check safe pens!

Are Zebra Highlighters AP Certified?

The following Zebra Pen products have been tested by a certified lab to be AP Approved: Mildliner Highlighter, Mildliner Brush, Sarasa dry, Sarasa Clip, Sarasa Fineliner, Zazzle Liquid Highlighter, Zebrite Highlighter, Metallic Brush Pens, Zensations Colored Pencils, Zensations Fude Brush Pens, Funwari Fude Brush Pens, Technical Pens, Calligraphy Pens and PM-701. Click here to read more about this certification and safety standards.


Is my ZEBRA Pen Refillable?

We know you love your writing instrument and don’t want to give it up once the ink runs out! For this reason, we offer refills for many ZEBRA Pens to allow you to hold onto your beloved writing tool. Use the search bar at the top right of any page on ZebraPen.com to find your pen on our website and the site will provide a link to the refill, if applicable. You can also click here for a quick reference to our refills (will download as a PDF).

Does ZEBRA Pen carry red and green refills?

Unfortunately we do not carry green refills, but we do carry red refills for select pens. Please call Customer Service at (800) 247-7170 if you are unable to locate the appropriate red refill.

How do I refill the V-301 fountain pen?

Holding the grip in your hand, twist the barrel counter clockwise to unscrew and open the pen. Pull out the current cartridge and then insert the refill into the grip side, small end first, until you hear a small “pop”. The pop indicates that the seal has been broken and it’s locked firmly in place. Twist the barrel and grip back together and you can resume enjoying your V-301 fountain pen!

How do I refill your StylusPen?

Our StylusPens come in 4 different styles and each style has a different method to replacing the ink cartridge:

  1. Retractable Ballpoint Pen
    Holding the barrel of the pen in your hand, twist the tip off counterclockwise to unscrew it and open the pen. The spring will be right there, be careful not to lose it! Take out the empty ink cartridge and replace it with a fresh refill, then replace the spring and screw the tip back on. Enjoy!

  2. Telescopic Ballpoint Pen
    Holding the grip in your hand, twist the tip counterclockwise to unscrew and open the pen. Be careful as the tip and metal cover are two separate pieces, don’t lose those! Pull out the current refill and then insert the refill into the grip side, hollow end first, until you feel resistance. Maneuver the refill side to side to ensure a good fit. Twist the barrel and tip pieces back together and you’re all set!

  3. Capped Ballpoint Pen
    Remove the cap from the pen to be put aside. Holding the barrel in your hand, twist the grip counter clockwise to unscrew and open the pen. Pull out the current cartridge and then insert the refill into the grip side with the spring, ballpoint tip first. Twist the barrel and grip back together, replace the cap, and you can continue enjoying your capped ballpoint StylusPen!

  4. Twist Ballpoint Pen
    Taking each end of the pen, pull the two halves apart until the clip end comes away from the tip end. Unscrew the black tube counterclockwise until it you can pull out the whole ink cartridge. Replace this empty cartridge with a refill, twisting it clockwise into place. Replace the clip end until they come together in the middle. You’re all set!

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