Writing is the foundation of our world’s communication, history and art. From ancient cave paintings to modern day emails and blogging, writing has been essential in establishing the world as we know it. Today, writing remains one of the most important skills to master in academia and the professional world. We write to express emotion, to share news, to educate, and more. At Zebra Pen, we believe in the power of writing, and the impact it can have on our everyday lives. Let Zebra be your guide as you embark on your own path to Enlightened Writing. Use these methods to discover what Enlightened Writing means to you.

Find your Perfect Pen

Enlightened Writing begins with the proper writing instrument. To find the pen that best suits your needs, consult our wise spokes-animal, Zen. Zen will guide you through the various product lines Zebra has to offer. From the durability and sophistication of Steel to the smooth, Rapid Dry Ink Technology of Sarasa, Zebra has the perfect tool for everyone, from little hands to experienced wordsmiths. Once you select your ideal pens, make sure you keep them with you. You never when inspiration may strike.

Disconnect from Digital


Technology has vastly changed the way we communicate with one another, as well as the way we write. Train yourself to write for long periods of time without getting restless by disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with the real world. Taking a break from the instant updates of social media can allow writers, students and professionals alike to focus and truly become engulfed in the writing process. Putting your phone away while writing is an excellent way to minimize distractions and maintain flow as you write. Try to practice proper mechanics and grammar on paper without the added assistance of spellcheck.

Write Daily and Often

When learning how to play a sport, practice is an essential element. Practicing gives players the opportunity to mentally and physically prepare for games or matches. The same can be said for writing. Much like a sport or playing an instrument, learning to write efficiently requires practice, and finding your writing method requires time. Challenge yourself to write daily, whether it’s daily journal entries, poems, or letters to friends. Sometimes, the more you read, the better writer you become. Take time to read work by authors and writers you admire and start to emulate their techniques in your own writing.

Find a Zen Playlist For some people, writing can be a daunting activity. Listening to music while writing or completing daily objectives can increase productivity, in addition to providing a much-needed mood boost. Music has been proven to limit stress and other negative emotions, allowing the listener to focus on the task at hand. Try listening to our Zen Spotify playlist, peaceful piano music, ambient music playlists, or any other genre you enjoy to relax before or during a project.

Establish a Positive Writing Environment

Writing in different environments can be an exciting way to boost creativity, especially if you suffer from writer’s block. Try to make places meant for relaxing (such as your bedroom or your couch) a work-free zone. Find a quiet coffee shop or a library to get work done or sit outside at a park or in your backyard for fresh air. Make sure that wherever you are, your work space is clean and free from clutter. How do you find Enlightened Writing? Connect with us on social media and share your tips.