Say Goodbye to Smears and Smudges. Say hello to proven faster drying ink – perfect for organizing and creativity.

Is there such a thing as a smear-proof gel pen with a vibrant color payoff?  Yes!  Check all the boxes with this high performing colored gel pen that features smooth ink flow, fast-drying qualities, comfortable grip, wide barrel, and retractable feature.  Featuring industry-leading fast-dry ink and smear-proof technology, Sarasa retractable gel pens are ideal for avid writers, lefties, and those who just can’t wait to make their point.  

Sarasa Fineliner
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Needle point tip for easy ink flow and outstanding performance. Very little pressure needed, resulting in a smooth ink lay down.

Sarasa Grand Retractable Pen
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Featuring Rapid Dry Ink Technology (RDI), and a brass barrel, this pen leaves no doubt as to its quality and durability.

Sarasa Gel Retractable Pen – Rapid Dry Ink Technology!
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Our top-selling retractable gel pen combines bold color vibrancy with a flowing fast-dry ink experience. There’s a never a dull moment thanks to 14 deep vibrant colors.

Sarasa SE Gel Retractable Pen – Rapid Dry Ink Technology!
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This colored gel pen dries in less than a second on most surfaces thanks to revolutionary Rapid Dry Ink. Beloved by lefties, it has a wide barrel and metal clip. Available in 8 colors.