If you’re tired of highlighters smearing and blurring your text, we have the solution for you! Say goodbye to smears and smudges and hello to a worry-free highlighting experience with our all new Mojini Highlighters. Mojini’s special ink formula binds with water-based inks like ballpoint and gel to ensure a blur-free highlighting experience in just a single stroke. This comprehensive guide will go over the many uses for Mojini so you can make the most out of your product experience.





Mojini Features 

Ready to upgrade your writing experience? Simplify, organize, and create with Mojini! From notetaking and studying to elaborate titles, task lists, and illustrations, the Mojini Highlighter Set will help you unlock a new level of organization, legibility, and efficiency in your studies, office tasks, creative projects, and more.  

Key features of Mojini Highlighters include: 

  • Special ink formula that binds with water-based inks 
  • Smudge-free highlighting whether you’re marking high-gloss textbooks or handwritten notes made with gel, ballpoint, fountain, inject, or pencil 
  • Ink does not bleed or blur when highlighting 
  • A soft, flexible chisel tip for creating thick, neat lines on both flat and curved surfaces 
  • 5 vibrant, neon colors – Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue
  • Available in multiple pack sizes — 5ct Assorted, 12ct Bright Yellow, 12ct Assorted Neons

Ways to Use Mojini 

Whether you’re highlighting over pencil, gel, ballpoint, inkjet, or fountain inks, Mojini won’t compromise your text when used with a range of Zebra products making them ideal for use in many settings including at home, school, and in your office space.  


Mojini can be used for a variety of at-home activities such as planning, illustrating, and doodling. With the six neon colors available (Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue), you can add bright colored accents and splashes of color to any of these creative activities with just the right amount of ink.  

Color-coding with the various Mojini colors is also a great way to keep your to-do list items organized and stay on top of important tasks at home. For example, Pink can be used to indicate urgent tasks, Yellow for important but not urgent, and Green for low priority tasks. Pair Mojini with our SARASA Clip Gel Retractable or F-301 Retractable Ballpoint for an elevated planning and illustrating experience.  



Taking notes with Mojini Highlighters is ideal for any student on-the-go. The soft chisel tip of these innovative highlighters flexes to make perfect contact with your pages, giving you neat 3.5mm to 4mm wide lines every time, even in hard-to-reach places like the binds of books. You can also use the point of the highlighter tip for underlining!  

Whether you use Mojini over handwritten notes or on high-gloss textbooks, students will be left with clean, smudge-free, legible notes that will make studying easier than ever. For the ultimate note taking trio, pair Mojini Highlighters with our SARASA Mark ON Gel Pen and DelGuard Mechanical Pencil 



With Mojini Highlighters, you’ll be sure to stay organized and on top of all your meeting notes, planning, and to-do list items at the office (whether in person or at home!) With just a single stroke, make your key notes stand out, so you never miss or forget important information, dates, or deadlines.  

Mojini is also available in 12 count boxes of Bright Yellow and Assorted Neons making them an ideal grab-and-go option for any and all workplaces. For a sleek and stylish professional writing combo, pair Mojini with our SARASA Grand Gel Retractable, bLen Gel Retractable, or any pen or pencil in the Zebra STEEL Series 


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