Take note, everyone! The SARASA Mark ON Gel Retractable is a great choice for anyone looking for the perfect smudge-proof writing tool. You can use this pen in your planner, for meeting notes, to-do lists, and so much more. Our SARASA Mark ON pens have other unique features too that make them a handy asset. Read on to learn more.


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SARASA Mark ON features a smudge-proof, water-resistant ink that dries in about five to ten seconds. It also doesn’t smear when marking text with your favorite highlighter like our MILDLINER and
Mojini Highlighters! The pen features a spongy rubber grip that provides users with a comfortable writing experience in addition to a binder clip so you can securely fasten them to your planner or notebook.  

With a 0.5 mm point, the SARASA Mark ON allows for smooth, clean lines when writing and the bold, dark black ink writes well on all types of paper and sticky notes.  

If you’re using this pen for taking notes in class or meetings, it won’t skip – allowing you to write your notes with confidence and ease. Combining the SARASA Mark ON with our MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters will allow you to pinpoint the key parts of your school notes, meeting notes, or upcoming appointments in your planner quickly with no smudging.  

With SARASA Mark ON, you can say goodbye to smears and smudges and hello to clean, legible notes! 


Photo credit: @planninginfaith  

SARASA Mark ON Gel Retractable Features 

  • A water-based pigment ink that is smudge-proof, acid-free, and water-resistant 
  • Unique water-based pigment ink is smudge-proof when highlighted, making it the perfect companion to MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters or Mojini Highlighters 
  • Comfortable rubber grip is latex free 
  • Binder clip to attach to your planner or bag
  • 0.5 mm point

Photo credit: @creating.selfcare.plans  

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