Who said that coloring was just for kids? Adult coloring has risen in popularity due to its nostalgia in addition to the therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits. When it comes to adult coloring, having the best supplies to use in your coloring books is essential to making the most of your experience. With our Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencils, you can color with ease and comfort while enjoying smooth and vibrant color payoff. Read along to explore the possibilities with these innovative colored pencils.



Art by @creativejeel on Instagram  

Zensations Colored Mechanical Pencils bring rich and bold color to your pages while providing users with excellent control. You’ll also never have to worry about them rolling away as they feature a triangular barrel to prevent rolling so you can focus solely on your artwork. The c
lick to advance pencil lead also means no more hunting for a pencil sharpener when it’s time to blend colors. These mechanical-colored pencils are available in 24 beautiful shades to bring life to not only your adult coloring books but also drawings, doodles, sketches, and more. They even work great on dark colored papers! 

 Art by @thesingingfinch on Instagram 

With Zensations Colored Mechanical Pencils, you can bring all your creative projects to the next level again and again since they’re also
refillable! Color, blend, and create exquisite gradients with the vibrant, smooth, and durable lead that’s made to last. If you’re looking for easy to hold, colorful, and bold colored pencils, Zensations Colored Mechanical Pencils are the ones for you.  

Zensations Colored Mechanical Pencils Features 

  • 2.0mm non-toxic colored lead mechanical pencil refills; great for writing, coloring books and illustration 
  • Durable 2.0mm lead that holds up to the pressures of beginning writers and never needs sharpening 
  • Available in 12pk or 24pk sets
  • Includes rich, blendable colors that are AP non-toxic 
  • Smooth, rich, vibrant colors that blend easily for shading and color mixtures 
  • Work great on both light and dark colored papers

Ditch the sharpener and enjoy artful living with Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencils. To learn more about other creative Zebra Pen products or explore additional activities, be sure to check out our other blogs. To stay in the loop with all things Zebra Pen, we highly encourage you to follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.