It's SAT season! SATs can cause immense stress for students trying to get into college. Although these tests are essential, staying calm and collected during the test is necessary. Try using these strategies to find more success and less stress during the SATs!

Be Prepared!

When studying for the SATs, you should create an organized plan for studying and stick with it. Creating a plan will help you outline your study material and prioritize your time. Starting to study early and take practice tests is beneficial and can help yield a strong outcome.

Taking the necessary steps to prepare yourself for what to expect on test day will help ease the stress surrounding the SAT. Start your morning by fueling yourself with a filling breakfast as well as clearing your mind of any distractions. Ensure you have the accurate testing location and time, along with any information regarding the testing center rules and regulations. Avoid stressing about your wardrobe choice by planning to wear a comfortable outfit the night before the test. Studying for the SAT is essential but be available for relaxation and decompressing the night before test day. To perform your best, you must feel your best. It is vital to get adequate rest the night before to wake up energized and motivated to conquer the SAT. Being better prepared can boost your confidence level and help you perform better in the long run.

SAT Test Day Checklist:

  • Arrive promptly and early at your testing center
  • Present your SAT Admission ticket along with a valid photo ID
  • Bring SAT-approved writing utensils (you can use mechanical pencils like the DelGuard Mechanical Pencil for practice tests, but not on the Scantron sheet)
  • Bring an SAT-approved calculator
  • Bring a watch to keep track of time
  • Take a snack for an energy boost when needed

Write it Down on Paper!

Although some students might choose to take notes on a laptop, researchers have proven that writing down your notes and objectives on paper can increase the likelihood of your recall and action of that information, according to the Journal of Writing Research. When studying for the SATs, writing down notes by hand can raise your level of awareness as it offers reinforcement to your brain to make the information a priority. Studies have shown our memory capacity allows us to remember about 4 action items in our mind at a time. Choosing to take notes will help boost your learning and recall of that information to help you be better prepared for the SATs.

Taking notes doesn’t have to be boring. Many note-taking formats help encourages students to take more initiative when studying for the SATs. Studygram is an online community on Instagram that creates fun and bright color-coded study notes while encouraging each other to stay productive and focused. MILDLINERs, SARASA Clip, and KIRARICH products can help you create your own Instagrammable notes! Taking creative notes allows you to hold yourself accountable, stay organized, and increases your motivation to perform well on the SATs.

Take a Break!

Let’s face it – test anxiety is real and can cause a lot of students taking the SAT to become stressed. It’s crucial to remember to take a break for your mental health. Taking some time to let your mind readjust will make room for more information intake. Step outside and refresh your perspective and mindset so that you can ultimately reduce the stress surrounding the SATs and perform to the best of your ability.