Written words can be powerful. Using the power of pen and paper has proven benefits for the human brain that link to improved cognitive function and memory capabilities while helping to release creativity and articulate thoughts more clearly. In a time where most people choose to communicate behind a screen, choose to use the power of your own written words to make your voice heard. 

Here are some essential reasons why you should use the power of pen and paper.

Writing Helps you Achieve your Goals:

At some point, we have all set a goal for ourselves to achieve that ended up being a total failure. More than likely, we were not giving the goal enough effort for our brain to prioritize it. However, psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews has proven that you are 42 percent more likely to remember and actively achieve your goals if you write them down using pen and paper.

Writing down goals using pen and paper involves two components of the stages of memory: external storage and encoding. External storage can be referred to as the piece of paper you write your goals on that can be referenced when you need them. Researchers have found that encoding is “transforming internal thoughts and external events into short-term and long-term memory and is then processed and categorized for storage and retrieval and becomes the first step in creating a new memory.” Writing out your goals will help identify what you want to achieve and engage your brain to prioritize that goal to achieve it faster. As the saying goes, ‘a goal that is not written down is just a wish.’

Writing Improves Memory Function:

A study by Klein and Boals (2001) found that when adults write about significant life events, their memory for such events is improved. Choosing to write down words or taking notes can lead to a significant increase in improved memory of those thoughts. This process has been called ‘the generation effect’ by neuroscientists, “which is described as the phenomenon where information is better remembered if it is actively created from one’s own mind rather than simply read in a passive way.” Writing by hand forces your brain to be engaged and helps process your thoughts more complexly so they can be recalled easier. Simply put, write it down, and you won’t forget!

Writing Increases Focus and Productivity

If you’re feeling unproductive, try jotting down some to-dos to put your mind in the right focus.  Choosing to write with a pen and paper allows your brain to be more engaged and increases your focus and productivity. There are fewer distractions for your mind and eyes to wander off to when writing on a piece of paper rather than typing on a computer. You can’t click away from a piece of paper! Writing takes more energy, stimulates your mind, and helps your thoughts become more organized on paper and your actions become more productive.

Writing Helps you Tell your Story

Everyone has a story to tell, waiting to be released through pen and paper. It’s no secret that creative writing engages both sides of the brain. Using a pen and paper helps to get the creative juices in your mind flowing. When the brain is creatively engaged, written words can turn into art. By writing, you have an opportunity to share your personal experiences and document your life from your perspective while getting to know more about yourself. Writing is a way to break free from the reality of the world and create your own world. A piece of paper is a blank canvas waiting for your story to be told, so go share it!!