Hey guys! Christina @heychristinamac here!

I have a super easy watercolor project for you to celebrate Watercolor month, and it's super easy!

CLiCKART Retractable Markers have a water-based dye ink formulation which makes blending them with water easy for watercolor effects! With 36 colors, you can expand your palette and create blended colors unique to your work.

When you're ready to start creating, start by sketching the design with a pencil. Then use an eraser to dull the lines just a little bit.

Now blend your colors and create a 'paint' by scribbling the ink on a plastic surface. I used a plastic sandwich bag here, but the cover of your CLiCKART pack will also work as an excellent mixing surface. Work piece by piece until each part is covered with the color you want.

Then, I let the painting dry before I take the CLiCKART Retractable Markers, and instead of putting the color down like paint, I use the pens to make fun outlines. Then, I add some line variation, and you can too! Add some spunk to that piece!

Let it dry, and you’re finished! A masterpiece to gift to a friend or family member or to have in your own home!