Hello!  I’m Salena from @salenasbujo and @letteredinblush, and I’m here to share a fun summer bucket list tutorial with you!  I love using my bullet journal to keep track of to-do lists and plans, so I thought it would be the perfect place to list some fun ideas to do this summer!  I love having ideas like these ready to go when I have an afternoon free!

Gather Your Materials

Step 1- Create a Pencil Sketch

Using an M301 Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil, sketch out the general layout of your summer bucket list.  I always start with a pencil when creating my spreads to make sure all of my elements are to scale and the way I want them on the page.  This pencil is perfect for light sketches and includes a hidden eraser at the top, perfect for making edits as you go. I decided to do a large title for this spread, with some quick sketches of a summer beach along the bottom.This gives me a lot of open space for my bucket list!

Step 2- Add Some Color

Choose some of your favorite Mildliners to add some color to your spread.I chose all the colors from the Refresh Mild set for this spread because they scream summer fun in the sun! These are my favorite markers to use in my bullet journal because the two tips make it easy to color different shapes. The fine tip end is perfect for smaller things, like the word ‘summer’;. the larger chisel tip is perfect for coloring in larger areas like the sand.  I used Marigold and Fuschia to create a two-color effect for the title of my spread.Then, I added a pop of color to the umbrella with Summer Greenand finished it  with a cute sand pail and shovel with Lavender and Citrus.I used Brown and Gray for the finishing touches.

Step 3- Black Outlines and a Title

Using a SARASA Fineliner in black, outline your title and drawings. I really like the look of a double outline around my drawings, so there’s no need to be neat! I think the messy lines give everything a little character.

Add ‘bucket list’ to your title using a Zensations Extra Fine Brush Pen along the top. As a calligrapher, this is by far my favorite brush pen to use. It is perfect for fine hairlines and flourishes in your writing, and I use it daily!

Step 4- Bucket List Items

Using the SARASA Fineliner in black again, list some ideas for your summer bucket list. I decided to list ideas that didn’t take a lot of planning or money to complete. They’re the perfect activities to do with your family or friends when you have an afternoon free and want something fun to do!  I chose things like ‘visit a new ice cream shop’, ‘find a food truck’, or ‘hike a new trail’ knowing that these can be fun and adventurous no matter where you live.  So feel free to add more of your own ideas, too!

Step 5- Memories Page

Using some of the same Mildliner colors, I made myself a memories page to pair with my bucket list. It’s the perfect place to display pictures of your summer adventures! I started by following the same steps as before, beginning with a pencil sketch and adding color. For this title, I decided to scribble with the chisel tip of my Fuschia Mildliner as a background before going in with the Zensations Extra Fine brush pen over top. This is such an easy way to add color to your spreads! I finished it all off by using the Black Sarasa Fineliner to outline some spots for pictures.

This spread isn’t large enough for everything on my bucket list, but I love having a space to keep some of my favorite memories of the summer. Although this spread may look complex, I did not even reach for a ruler! I find that when I outline everything twice, somewhat imperfectly, there’s no need to get a straight line. It gives your spread some hand drawn character!

You’re Finished! Enjoy your summer fun in the sun with some adventures this year, print out photos as you complete items on your bucket list, and look back at the memories for years to come!