Hi everyone! It’s Christine Asciutto of @twinkleplansherday. With Metallic Brush Pens from Zebra Pen, creating cards and gifts for Father’s Day has never been easier. Today I’ll be showing you how to decorate a black frame in just a few simple steps.

Materials Needed

Step 1: Prepping Your Frame

This frame was already black, but if you are unable to find one you can just as easily paint a regular wooden frame with black paint.

Step 2: Use Metallic Brush Pens to Create Teardrop Shapes

Metallic Brush Pens are the perfect tool for creating colorful teardrops for any project, especially for this DIY picture frame. Take the Metallic Brush Pen in Gold and lightly press it on its side to give a teardrop effect. Start with the corners of the picture frame and work your way around until you have approximately two inches covered in teardrop petals.

Step 3: Mix and Match Metallic Colors
Once the four corners are finished, add on to the design with another Metallic Brush Pen color. Continue making teardrop petals on each side of every corner (about an inch on each side).

Fill in the remaining areas, alternating the two colors until the entire area is covered. 

Step 4: Add A Photography to Your Picture Frame

The final step is to fill the picture frame with one of your favorite photos. Your Father’s Day gift is now complete!

I hope you enjoyed learning a new and easy technique for adding interesting pops of color in your projects. For more Father’s Day inspiration, check out How to Make A DIY Father’s Day Card.