Making Holiday Cards with Kids

With the holiday season upon us once again, now is the perfect time to snuggle up inside and get to crafting! Holiday cards are essential for all your loved ones. There is almost no better way to express gratitude and season’s greetings to another person than with a handmade card with your kids. Zebra Pen has made the job of crafting a heartwarming card beyond easy with their colorful products like Sarasa Clip Pens, Sarasa Fineliner Pens, and Zensations Colored Mechanical Pencil.

Use this instructional video as a source of inspiration or follow along to create your own cards with you kids!

Reindeer Greeting Card

  • Cut three ovals from tan felt
  • Glue felt ovals to card surface
  • Use brown Zensations Colored Pencil to make antlers
  • Adhere purchased eyes to top part of felt ovals
  • Glue buttons as nose for reindeer
  • Write seasonal message on bottom with Zensations Colored Pencils

Metallic Joy Card

  • Start with dark colored paper (this helps the SARASA Clip Decoshine pen colors)
  • Find space toward left or right side of paper to start silhouette
  • Trace snowflake with SARASA Clip Decoshine pens (or any seasonal image) onto paper
  • Make small pattern like lines or shapes inside the silhouette
  • Start from center and work toward outside edge (like in snowflake example)
  • Draw or glue custom holiday phrase on side of page opposite your drawing

Christmas Carol Card

  • Draw music bars on page with black SARASA Clip Gel pen
  • Glue buttons for the words with spaces between each
  • Glue green and red colored buttons as notes
  • Add note bars as in video example (Use black or colored SARASA Clip Gel pens)
  • Under each button along bottom with SARASA black pen: “We wish you a Mer-ry Christ-mas”

Ornament Greetings Card

  • Draw circles or shapes on page with SARASA Fineliner markers
  • Color-in with designs and holiday patterns with Zensations colored pencils and SARASA Fineliner markers
  • Glue one ornament with a button (optional)
  • Draw lines from ornament towards top of page with Black SARASA Fineliner marker
  • Add small loops at top of ornament with two loops to look like the string is tied
  • Write seasonal message on bottom with Zensations Colored Pencils