By: Emily Colledge of @sugar_coated_canvas Hello! It’s Emily of @sugar_coated_canvas and I’m here today to share some inspiration for creating your very own recipe illustrations. When Zebra Pen asked me to team up with them, I was thrilled to make some more recipes into beautiful works of art. Since most of us have been spending more time at home, this has meant more homemade food. I was excited to transform some of my favorite recipes into illustrations. Let’s dive in!

Twice baked potatoes recipe art illustration

Appetizer Recipe Art: Twice Baked Potatoes

The first recipe illustration I have to share is a twice baked potato recipe. It is a perfect side dish to a summer barbeque and is a simple yet tasty recipe. I loved using the Sarasa Fineliner pens to create depth in the colors I create with watercolor paint. Sarasa Fineliners are available in 24 vibrant, quick-drying colors with a 0.8mm needle point for fine, precise lines. They are perfect for anything you want to create.

Carne asada tacos recipe art illustration

Main Course Recipe Art: Carne Asada Street Tacos

For a main course, I chose to illustrate carne asada street tacos. This was one of my favorites to create. The bright colors of the recipe ingredients were so fun to recreate in the illustration, plus they taste awesome in the actual recipe. To create this recipe, I started by lightly sketching out the ingredients and adding the instructions in pencil. Then, I used the Zensations Technical Drawing Pen to outline the drawings and make all of it pop off the page. The Zensations Technical Drawing Pen has an amazing dark pigment and comes in an assortment of different sized tips. I used the 0.3 point size for the instructions and most of the illustrations, and other sizes here and there. When I use watercolor paint, I love outlining with the Zensations Technical Drawing Pens to help my artwork come to life.

Chocolate chip cookie recipe art illustration

Dessert Recipe Art: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Finally, for a dessert recipe, I chose my all-time favorite—chocolate chip cookies. I feel like everyone loves a warm chocolate chip cookie. They bring me a lot of happiness and comfort, especially in these unusual times. Once again, on this recipe I used the amazing Sarasa Fineliners and my trusted Zensations Technical Drawing Pens. I often find myself using the Zensations Technical Drawing Pens on almost every project I work on. I really tried to enhance my recipe illustrations with these pens. I used a crosshatching technique with both the Sarasa Fineliners and the Zensations Technical Drawing Pens and it helped to give my shadows have more depth. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Personally, I find that creating art helps to calm my mind when life gets stressful. So, go out there and create some amazing artwork! For more recipe art illustrations, check out my previous blog post on How to Create Holiday Recipe Art with Zebra Pen.