Facebook fans! It’s time to shine.

Welcome to our new Zebra Picks blog category. This category is all about you and your story about why you choose Zebra Pen products. We want to get to know you better, so we’re asking you to submit your work to our Facebook page and to share a story about how Zebra Pen helps you accomplish your work.

You could win $25 to spend on our e-store!

 Each selected monthly winner will receive a $25 credit to our brand new Z-Store (Zebra online store).

Submit your work on our Facebook Page:

All you need to do is submit a piece of your artwork, creative writing, or organizing list created with one of our products, and share your story with us about how you use our writing instruments to help you get stuff done! Create a wall post with your photo attached, and start your comment with “Zebra Picks Contestant:”

So we only have one question: Who wants to win some free Zebra products by sharing their story? Go to Zebra's Facebook Page now to enter!