From the Black Rhinoceros, African Lion, and Chimpanzee to the Asian Elephant, there are many endangered species at risk of extinction. At Zebra Pen, we believe in the wonder and beauty of all Zen’s friends. We’re committed to supporting these animals and helping them flourish for future generations. This year, we are proud to once again partner with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE). The AZA SAFE program strives to keep endangered species safe by increasing conservation action, spreading awareness, and educating the public on ways they can help. Check out these environmentally-friendly tips to learn how you can make a difference for Zen’s friends and for animals in your local ecosystem.

Purchase Metal Straws

Plastic straws can end up in oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water and ecosystems which can directly impact wildlife. Straws can often be mistaken for food by animals, causing them to suffocate or become seriously injured. Plastic straws can also become lodged in nostrils, or cause other serious harm. Reduce your use of plastic straws by purchasing metal straws to use and reuse instead.

Bring Your Own Coffee Cup

Single-use coffee cups can accumulate quickly—but can take decades or longer to decompose. Instead of buying a cup from your favorite coffee shop, bring your own reusable thermos. Many stainless steel cups/thermoses keep drinks colder or warmer for extended periods of time, and they are more environmentally-friendly.

Reusable Bottles/Containers

Speaking of reusable containers, using a reusable water bottle and other containers can drastically decrease your footprint and reduce waste. Each year, pounds and pounds of trash, mainly comprised of plastic items, are deposited into oceans and other bodies of water. Aside from being environmentally friendly, using a reusable water bottle is also more cost-effective than purchasing water bottles, and can help you save up to $200 a year.

Donate to an Organization

There are countless organizations that help support endangered species and their habitats. The AZA SAFE program is dedicated to helping save animals from extinction by aiding in conservation efforts, public awareness, funding and more. Help support these organizations by making a small donation and sharing your passion for saving the environment and endangered species with your friends.

Volunteer Time

Volunteering is another amazing way to contribute and help save wildlife in your community. Organize a neighborhood cleanup, or volunteer at your local wildlife conservatory or zoo to do your part in protecting animals and their habitats. Research opportunities in your area and beyond to help make a difference in the lives of animals. Making a difference in your local ecosystem and beyond is easier than you think. Incorporating just a few small eco-friendly practices into your daily lifestyle can go a long way. Learn more about how we’re supporting the AZA SAFE program and helping out Zen’s friends.