Originating in Japan, the Zebra Pen Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter & Marker has quickly gained a cult following in the U.S., especially in the bullet journaling and study-gram communities. Inspired by Japanese design, the pastel-colored ink and clean, sleek design have made these highlighters the perfect companion for artists and students alike. While some hyped-up products can be disappointing, here is why the Mildliner Highlighters live up to the hype.
Mildliner Highlighter swatches

Soft Colored Ink

Unlike other highlighters on the market that come in bright and fluorescent colors, Mildliner Highlighters are carefully curated to include an array of soft, pastel colors. With this milder color range, you’ll able to add a splash of color to your bullet journal and make highlighted text standout without making it difficult to read. Let’s be honest—milder colors also prevent your work from turning into an eyesore. The Mildliner Double-Ended Highlighter & Marker is available in 25 unique colors, including five different 5-pack color sets: Warm color, fluorescent, soft mild, refresh, and friendly.

Double-Ended, Dual Tips

Two is better (and more creative) than one. Mildliner Highlighters feature a traditional chisel tip on one end, and a fine point tip on the other, making it the perfect double-tasking tool for whatever your next project requires. The chisel tip is best used for highlighting notes and adding lines in a bullet journal. The fine tip is a work horse for smaller details, outlines, writing, or even adding a colored shadow to hand lettering.
Planner with Mildliner Highlighters beside it

Aesthetic Design

The packaging and product design of the Mildliner Highlighters is just as visually stunning as the soft, mild colored ink hues. Inspired by a minimalistic, Japanese design, Mildliner Highlighters feature a sleek, white barrel and a convenient pocket clip that helps you quickly identify the ink color. These highlighters are light and thin, making them the perfect size to take on-the-go in a pencil case. If you don’t want to use a pencil case, the clear plastic pouch doubles as a storage system, allowing you to easily transport and share with friends. The clean and simple design of Mildliner Highlighters will be the perfect complement to your creative designs.

Ink Quality

Aside from the color range differentiation, the Mildliner Highlighter ink is formulated to show up softly and translucently on paper, making it perfect for layering and blending colors. It also won’t bleed through paper pages or become streaky.
Mildliner Highlighters fanned out

Multiple Uses

While Mildliner Highlighters are great for traditional highlighting, the wide variety of colors are perfect for color coding notes, scrapbooking, and other creative applications. They are an ideal choice for creating elegantly-designed bullet journal spreads, ranging from cover pages to habit trackers. Mildliner Highlighters can also be used to de-stress in an adult coloring book or to create faux calligraphy with the fine tip end. From task lists to calendars, monthly goals, and mood trackers, Mildliner Highlighters will enhance your creative designs and allow you to create your artistic project exactly the way you envisioned it. Between the pastel ink, minimalistic design, and endless uses, it’s no wonder Mildliner Highlighters have a cult following. For more creative inspiration, check out the latest addition to the Mildliner brand collection from Zebra Pen: Mildliner Double-Ended Brush Pen.