Did someone say the right pen for the job?

There are so many different varieties of Zebra STEEL pens that fit a multitude of vocations and needs, so we thought to ourselves, why not develop a campaign to promote the right steel pen for the job?

Rely on STEEL:

We engineered our STEEL pens to work as hard as you do, in any climate, at any given time. Writing with confidence isn’t only about having a pen you can rely on to perform; it’s also about looking the part. Zebra STEEL gives you the upper edge with a steel pen that demands attention with its sophisticated, premium stainless steel design.
We know every job is different – some more demanding than others. Our job is to equip you with the right pen that performs best on the job, so whether you’re in construction, engineering, architecture, design, sales, or whatever it is you do, we’re excited to provide you with the rugged, reliable and original steel pen.

What does it mean to be original?

Being original isn’t easy. It means leading the pack – being a thought generator. Zebra Pen took a small idea, and turned it into a solution for millions of people who needed a durable, reliable pen that goes anywhere.

Don’t you think 10 steel designs is a bit overkill?

Never! We’re thrilled that we can provide a high volume of STEEL pens and mechanical pencils to those who need the slight variations to acquire the perfect instrument to get the job done.

What varieties of steel pens do you offer?

We’re glad you asked. Check out this blog to get the inside scoop on our steel pens, or check out our STEEL product section.