Which Steel is Right for You?

SiStock_000008662203Smallo many stainless steel designs, so little time!

Sure, we may have gone a little overboard by making 15 varieties of steel pens and mechanical pencils, but what can we say? We’re wild about pens.

The hardest part about choosing a stainless steel pen or mechanical pencil is figuring out which one is best for your needs. With all of the different model numbers, it can get confusing finding the right one for you, so let’s start with the basic question:

Do you need a pen, or a mechanical pencil?

Let’s start with mechanical pencils:

If you already love using our other mechanical pencils, you’ll love using these stainless steel versions.  We offer two varieties: M-301 and M-701.


The Original 3-Series features a sleek, sophisticated appearance housed in a rugged steel body for lasting performance. The M-701 offers a premium writing experience and features designer stainless steel from tip to clip. If your environmental conditions or career path call for a rugged, durable mechanical pencil, then look no further than these two pencils.

Now onto the Pens:

These pens really do offer an unparalleled writing experience. We have 12 different varieties of steel pens. So how do you sort them apart? Let’s start with pen type: Do you want a ballpoint pen (F-301, F-402, F-701)? How about gel (G-301), rollerball (R-301) or a fountain pen (V-301)?



If portability is a concern for you, try our Expandz Ball Point or Compact Ball Point (F-301), or Telescopic Ball Point pens.


Expandz-all f301-compact

Check out our steel product page to see the full selection!