It’s a cluttered world.

Despite our efforts to organize and maintain order, we never quite seem to get everything done, and the work continues to pile up. That’s why we’re excited to launch our newest campaign for our newest product: SARASA.

It’s time to get SARASA Smart:

smart goal setting concept
So what does it mean to be SARASA Smart? Simply put, it means getting more done. It means grabbing the bull by the horns, and buckling down to accomplish your objectives. SARASA’s 14 vibrant gel pen colors and rapid dry ink help you do just that. Call it an organizing facelift if you will. Organizing with color and variety not only makes your life a little more spontaneous, it also helps you function with more clarity. Categorize your stuff and organize your thoughts better, with better write-ability, comfort, style, and don’t forget about smudge-free, too!

Say goodbye to smudges and smears:

But it isn’t just about colors for us. It’s about practicality, and saving time. That’s why we developed our new SARASA 14-color line-up to include smudge-free, rapid dry ink technology, which means these pens dry faster than 1-second on almost every surface! That’s super fast! That reason alone is why SARASA’s quickly becoming the left-hander’s new best friend.

Do more with more color:

Colorful Binders
Whether it’s a list, greeting card, drawing, doodle, notes or of the like, SARASA will help you get it done with personality.

Explore our new SARASA 14-pack, now with 14 vibrant gel pen colors to help you tame your world. Get Sarasa Smart – then get out there and tame your world.