At Zebra Pen, we love Cadoozles. But our opinion means nothing if they aren't living up to your expectations. We asked a teacher to review Cadoozles and share her experiences. Here's what she had to say:

BlogLink_TeachersCadoozlesAnyone who knows a teacher,  knows that we will NEVER say no to anything free. We take anything, and keep everything. The popular mantra, “You never know when you might need it,” rings true in our noble profession. So…when I said that I was willing to try out some “free” pencils in my classroom, you can only imagine how elated I was when the package of Cadoozles pencils came. Opening the package with my second graders was reminiscent of Christmas morning with the ripping of tape and rustling of paper, mixed with an occasional ooh or ahh, until out came three packages of mechanical pencils. Let me fix that, not JUST mechanical pencils, but the most magical pencils my students had ever seen. (What I am about to write are exact words and feelings that my students used when first viewing and then operating these pencils.)

Cadoozles Starters Mechanical Pencil 2.0mm Assorted 12pk For those of you that have never seen a Cadoozles mechanical pencil, they are about six inches in length with the most adorable animal designs printed on them. The fox seemed to be the most popular. When I asked the students why they would rather use these than regular "number twos", they talked about how cool the designs were and how smooth they felt in their hands. They were comfortable to grip and wrote quite smoothly. The idea of a mechanical pencil appealed to them because when the point breaks, there is no need to locate a sharpener or wait for the teacher to do it, but just double click and a new lead point is waiting. They also like the design because it fooled them into thinking it was a “real” pencil. Overall, my students loved using these new pencils and when offered a choice between the Cadoozles and typical pencils, they chose the Cadoozles each and every time.
As a teacher, I love that if their pencil breaks, I do not have to stop my lesson due to the incredible loudness of the pencil sharpener. I also like that the pencils don’t seem to roll around on the table as easily as the non-mechanical pencils, therefore causing less distraction and more attention to what it is that I am teaching. They also did not seem to bat an eye when I told them we were going to be writing but they could use one of the new pencils if they wanted to.
Thank you for allowing my students and I the opportunity to test out your fabulous writing tools.
Sara Dustin is a Reading Specialist in the second grade at an urban school in Taunton, MA. We thank her for trying out a product she'd never seen and providing us her opinions, as well as those of her second-grade students. We love that kids preferred Cadoozles every time in her classroom!
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