How to Make Picture-Perfect Cupcake Wrappers

Hi everyone, it’s Erin from @gofontyourself. Today I am going to show you how to easily make rainbow cupcake wrappers. Since the dessert is always the star of the birthday party, it’s fun to dress them up and really make them shine! For this rainbow themed birthday, I’m using Zebra’s Mildliner Brush Pens to make […]

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Tips for Finding a Great Career Mentor

When it comes to finding a career mentor, there are several things you should take into consideration before deciding who you should ask to take on this role.  Below are some tips on how to find the right mentor for you and your career.  1. Know your goals What is it that you want to […]

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Mark Making Fundamentals: The Object, Illumination, and the Technique

Octopus ballpoint illustration with F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen beside it

By Guno Park of @gunopark Guno Park is a Brooklyn, NY artist whose works have been widely published in books, magazines, and other publications and hangs in many public and private collections worldwide. His primary focus is in observational and imaginative drawing and sketching. In the blog post below, Guno explores the fundamentals of mark […]

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Quoting the Past: Contemporary Landscape Ballpoint Drawing

Ballpoint illustration of a bridge landscape

By Luis Colan of @luiscolanart Going back to my days as an art student, I always looked at the art of the past for inspiration and guidance. When working on still life paintings I was looking at Chardin and Vermeer, and as I moved to landscape imagery, I researched the different art movements through art […]

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How to Set Realistic, Achievable Career Goals

Flat lay of a desk including a paper that maps out 2022 Goals

Setting goals is key to advancing your career and feeling fulfilled by your job. Whether your employer requires you to set goals as part of your performance-review process or you take the initiative on your own, it can help you to plan out your professional future. Below we show you how to use a SMART […]

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4 Tips for Creating a Scaled Ballpoint Illustration

Canvas framed ballpoint illustration of a building

By: Catherine Spilman of @catgreenart When I first started sketching tiny houses, I used the STEEL F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen because Jordan Spilman, my late husband, had an extra one and let me use it. He had always extolled the virtues of the pen and I had rolled my eyes assuming he was exaggerating, however […]

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A Guide to Brush Pens for Beginners and Hobbyists Alike

Zen with "Zen's Guide to Brush Pens" added to image

Brush pens have become a staple in nearly every artist’s arsenal due to their versatility in everything from calligraphy to fine art drawings. They are available in a variety of tip sizes: nib styles, ink flows, colors, and elasticities. While it takes practice and control to use a brush pen, you don’t have to be […]

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The Mechanical Pencil Guide

When you anticipate mistakes or don’t want to commit to ink, a mechanical pencil is the perfect option. Zebra Pen offers a wide variety of mechanical pencils that are available in both lightweight plastic and durable metal styles designed for students, professionals, and everyday writers.

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How to Color Code StudyGram Notes

Notes with Zebra Product

It’s that time of the year again—back-to-school season! Amid all the preparation for the new school year, it’s also time to get back into the routine of taking notes. In this tutorial, we’ll go over a step-by-step guide to color code your StudyGram notes! Hey everyone, this is Christine from @studybeanthings on Instagram, and today, […]

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6 Steps to Creating a Resume That Gets Noticed

Sarasa Grand and G-450 pen laying atop a desk beside a letter board, spelling out "Resume Tips 101"

Whether you’re applying for your first professional job or are looking to elevate your career at another company, your resume is the hiring manager’s first impression of you. Depending on the position, a recruiter or hiring manager can receive hundreds of resumes to review. How can you make yours stand out? Follow these steps to […]

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