Bringing Your 2021 Goals to Life with a Bullet Journal

2021 Goals bullet journal spread

By: Lauren Nicole (@bujo.by.lo) Do you want to forget about 2020 and have a fresh start to the new year? Do you make yearly goals but never end up sticking to them? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this Mildliner Challenge blog post on 2021 goals is just for you!

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5 Tips for Networking Like a Professional

Sarasa Grand and STEEL F-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen by computer and mobile phone open to LinkedIn.com

With the latest developments in technology and social media, the way we network has drastically shifted over the last 30 years. There are countless opportunities for us to meet people in our professional fields and connect with them on a more personal level both in-person and online. While being able to network is a vital […]

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3 DIY Christmas Card Envelope Designs

Holiday envelope designs

Hey everyone! It’s Angie from @anjcreativeletters and I am here to show you an easy and simple way to design your envelopes for the holiday season. Let’s begin! Envelope 1: Christmas Lights Materials: Kirarich Glitter Highlighters Zensations Drafix Technical Pencil Zensations Technical Drawing Pen (0.8 mm) Funwari Brush Pen (Red) How to make it: Along […]

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How to Plan A Thanksgiving Feast in A Bullet Journal

Thanksgiving bullet journal spread

Hello my friends! I’m Dayna—@daynadoodles on Instagram—and I’m going to show you how to create a Thanksgiving bullet journal spread so you can have your Thanksgiving recipes (mine are based off of my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner ^_^) and ingredients all in one place.

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5 Tips to Write More Professionally

Sarasa Grand and STEEL F-701 alongside notebook, coffee, and plate of donuts

Being able to write in a professional manner is an important part of any career or job. Clearly communicating your thoughts, opinions, and even concerns to your co-workers or boss can help you be successful on your own but also have success within your team. Professional writing is a skill that may even help you […]

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Spooky Ballpoint Illustration: How to Draw a Skull & Crow

Skull and crow illustration

By: Bonnie Wong Hello everyone! I’m Bonnie from @super.bonnie and I’m going to show you how to illustrate something spooky just in time for Halloween! October is my favorite time of the year and Halloween conjures up so much joy and I simply love it! I’ll be creating a black and white drawing of a […]

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Artist Chris Adams’ Illustration Process

By: Chris Adams of @chrisacreative Like a lot of artists, my process is constantly evolving but it has been pretty consistent for the last few years. Here’s a breakdown of how I like to tackle my illustrations. Let’s jump in.

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How to Draw a Wombat with Pointillism

Wombat illustration created with Pointillism with assorted Zebra Pen products beside it

By: Artist Ambassador Sandra Strait Hello! I’m Sandra from @lifeimitatesdoodles. Today, we’re going to draw a hairy-nosed wombat using a pointillism drawing technique with some of my favorite Zebra Pen creative products.

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Which STEEL Pen is Right for You?

Assorted of Zebra Pen STEEL products

Originally published June 4, 2014. Updated September 23, 2020. Tired of settling for ordinary writing tools? Our STEEL line of pens and mechanical pencils are durable but stylish which means they are not only reliable but will make a great first impression. Different projects require different tools—which is why we designed the STEEL line to […]

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Ballpoint Illustration Tips from Artist Guno Park

Illustration of a gorilla with a STEEL F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen beside it

Ballpoint pens, while seemingly ordinary, are many artist’s go-to tools for creating rich, beautiful, and life-like illustrations. Unlike other tools, ballpoint pens can produce modulated values and a dynamic range of line weights, allowing everything from ghostly soft lines to dramatic graphic marks.

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