Focusing and reflecting on your mental health as well as cultivating a better relationship with yourself and others is crucial at every stage in life. This is because your overall mental health affects all areas of life such as how you think, feel, act, and more. Wondering how to maintain positive mental health in a fun and colorful way? Continue reading to learn essential tips to improving day-to-day activities centered around mental health with the help of our MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters and Dual-Tip Brush Pens.

Bullet Journal Spread Created by @pretty.and.papered

Getting Organized

One of our favorite tips for improving your mental health is focusing on the organization of your daily to-do list in the form of color coding with our MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters. Not only are they the best choice for your lists, MILDLINER comes in a variety of vibrant, mild colors so you never run out of inspiration.

Visual representation of a color-coded to-do list can also help you tackle your tasks from most important to least important. It can be as simple as using a red MILDLINER to highlight the things you want to get done first, a yellow MILDLINER for things you want to accomplish next, and a green MILDLINER for things you can add to your to-do list for the next day. We encourage any combination of MILDLINER colors that fit into your personality best.

Creating a key for your color-coding can also help keep you on task and on top of your daily lists. Sticking to the color key can take out the stress of figuring out what to do next. Your lists can also reflect anything and everything you do inside and outside of your home – appointments, chores, and after school activities.

Task List Created by @julies_plans

Tracking Habits

If you struggle sticking to habits, creating a habit tracker is another beneficial way to improve the progress of tasks you want to confine yourself to. You can think of a habit tracker as a to-do list but solely for your habits. They are a simple, yet effective way to visually lay out how often you participate in routines such as exercising, drinking water, reading, and more.

When you create your own habit tracker and fill in the progress of your daily, weekly, or monthly habits with MILDLINER, you are empowering your mental health in numerous ways! For example, seeing how long you kept a habit going helps keep you motivated to act again and keep the streak going.

Not only is it also motivating to see the progress you are making, but it is also satisfying and rewarding to record the success of a completed habit. With the 35 color variants of our MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters, there are so many options to track your habits in color!

Habit Tracker Created by @gabyysbujo

Managing Emotions

Tracking your emotional patterns is another powerful way to take care of your mental health. With MILDLINER Double-Ended Creative Highlighters and Dual-Tip Brush Pens, you can create space to feel your feelings through colorful mood tracking! Each color can represent a different mood. Some examples of MILDLINER mood color indicators include:

RED = Angry, Frustrated
ORANGE = Energetic, Productive
YELLOW = Anxious, Worried, Nervous
GREEN = Happy, Excited
BLUE = Sad, Upset, Hurt
PURPLE = Calm, Relaxed

Using your mood tracker insights can then help you identify internal and external triggers that may cause changes in your mood. You can also use your completed mood tracker to develop coping mechanisms to manage your different moods.

You can use a bullet journal to create your own mood tracker spreads or find premade mood tracker templates online to get started on your mood tracking journey.You can even create a bullet journal specifically for mental health! 

Mood Tracker Created by @bujobyregina

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