For children in Elementary School, the beginning of the year can be hectic. They’re still adjusting to the concept of being in school all day, and each grade brings new teachers, classrooms and classmates. As an Elementary School teacher, it’s not always easy to find writing instruments that kids really enjoy.

Elementary school children want to fit in and make friends, while still exploring their individual identities. But how can they express this identity? By their age, many children pick out their own clothes on shopping trips, and dress themselves. Clothes are a great way to show off your personality, but with many schools cracking down and enforcing dress codes, self-expression suffers.

Enter Cadoozles, the fun school supply with tons of patterns! Gone are the days when every child was perfectly content with bringing a pack of yellow wooden pencils, a composition book and a mono-colored backpack to school. An interesting pattern, like Cadoozles Woodland Critters, can help children express themselves and might even serve as an icebreaker to create new friendships.

Adjusting to all of the changes of Elementary school can also be stressful. They can’t control who their teacher is or which of their friends end up in their class. But, they can pick out their school supplies. Entering a new grade equipped with school supplies that they’re excited about can help your child also be excited about school.

But it isn’t just the neat patterns that make Cadoozles an essential classroom supply. Cadoozles are mechanical pencils, and that means no sharpening and no sharp tips. They’re strong enough to stand the test of time with the little ones, and they also make great rewards for a job well done, or simply as a fun (and super cute!) gift.

So whether you’re a parent of 1, or a teacher of 21, a pack of Cadoozles will brighten any room! And with so many patterns at a low price, the real question becomes, which ones are you going to choose?