We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together and somehow manages to stay organized during the most chaotic times. Their secret weapon? The color-coded day planner, or one of many other color-coded organizing techniques. Chances are, that person learned to organize and use colors from an early age. So if your child gets in the habit of being organized early, this tendency will continue through to adulthood.

Did you know most organization gurus claim that using color is the most effective way of learning prioritization and organization? Check out some of these great tips to learn how a pack of colored Sarasa pens can help your child organize and prioritize.

Use colors to take notes

Writing notes by hand helps your brain remember it better. But your brain doesn’t think in black in white. Using color to emphasize important notes will help your child remember the information better. But don’t overdo it! If the notes look like a rainbow, it may not be as effective, even if you have a future Picasso on your hands.


Use different colors for each class

Your child can keep track of what’s due for which class if each class has its own color. This way your child can see all the assignments due for a particular class, even if they were assigned on different days.

Use different colors for priorities

Here’s an alternative to the different colors per class method. Using different colors based on priorities can help your child with time management. Items written in the high priority color need to be completed before lower priority colored items.

Use colors strategically

Things that need to stand out the most should be written in the brightest color. Your child will notice the brighter items first, which means these items will be first in their minds.

Use favorite color for fun things

Other than the brightest color, your child will notice their favorite color first. By using their favorite color to write down fun things, the reward that comes from getting all their assignments done will be at the front of their mind, providing an incentive to get their work done faster.

And finally, pick a strategy, and stick to it.

Keeping everything organized can seem like a daunting task, but all you really need is a good strategy and a little bit of color.