Zebra Pen suggests using pens and highlighters to work more efficiently during the Tax Time Crunch. Benjamin Franklin once said:

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain in life except death and taxes."

With April 15th just a few weeks away, its crunch time for consumers who have yet to file their tax returns. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 20% - 25% of all Americans wait until two weeks before the deadline, adding anxiety to what is already an intimidating task. Always looking to help, we at Zebra Pen have compiled a list to make things easier for those who procrastinate.

Here are Zebra Pen’s Top 10 Tips to Get Organized for Tax Time:

    1. Mark tax related milestone goals for yourself on your calendar to ensure that you will hit the April 15th deadline. Don’t let time pass you by.

    2. If you are completing your tax form the old fashion way, by filling in the form manually, it must be done in black ink. Use a comfortable and reliable pen such as the F-301.

    3. Keep a copy of last year’s tax return handy to help you manage your records.

    4. Create a checklist! This will not only provide a sense of structure, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment as you mark each task as done!

    5. Take note life’s milestones. Having a child, getting married or going back to school in the last year are just a few of the life changes that could affect how you file.

    6. Itemize your deductions, and to help you keep track of them, use pens in different colors, like SARASA pens, to help you stay organized.

    7. Be sure to annotate your expense receipts. Take a pen and make a note of the expense purpose right on the receipt, so there are no questions later. This is especially helpful for business expenses like dining and entertainment.

    8. Double check everything. Highlight important tax information, so that you can double check for errors. Oversights can result in refund delays or being audited.

    9. Lastly, if you’re feeling rushed, file for an extension. It’s a better option than filing a form full of mistakes and oversights.

    10. Still need help? Check out this handy infographic guide below:
    Infographic Source: H&R Block and oBizMedia