Whether the change of weather brings you great joy, or great sadness, it does signify one thing that makes most people happy - the holidays! But with those warm thoughts of holiday traditions, come the task of writing to our loved ones, which can be a burden for anyone with more than close family to write to.

Fortunately, if you get ahead of them now, you’ll be far better off down the road!

Before you get too busy, consider doing something a little extra in your holiday cards this year. Most people write a quick note, but think of the joy you can bring to someone’s life with a little bit of fun and color.

Here’s four easy ways to spruce – or pine – up your holiday cards with some color:

Woman Holding Card
  1. Draw something that brings back fond memories of time spent together. You don’t have to be Picasso to make someone feel something. Take any boring white space on the inside of your cards, and use them to brighten up your loved one’s day.

  1. If, like a lot of us, you can’t draw for the life of you, then you can always take a little bit of time to embellish your card with a few extra lines of color, maybe some reds and some greens around the corners, and also to highlight meaningful words used in the card. It doesn’t get easier than that!

  1. Still, if any act of creativity or drawing scares you more than the thought of running out of eggnog, then you could always write a personal note in the receiver’s favorite color. It will show that you were thinking of them!
Sarasa 14 Pack
  1. If you have any little ones running around, you could always get a little bit of help from them, too! As a word of caution, parent supervision is strongly suggested. Try to limit their participation to 10 cards or less, as they tend to get a little antsy.

If you’re into the tradition of sending a family newsletter, then we have the perfect solution:

Instead of typing something up on the computer, have everyone pick their favorite SARASA color, and write/draw something that they were thankful for this year. Then scan the custom-made letter into the computer and use that for the basis of your newsletter! It will certainly change things up a bit.