Even if you love back-to-school season, it can be daunting to try and anticipate all your needs for classes and beyond, let alone compile it all into a shopping list. Zebra is here to help.

In terms of school supplies, your back-to-school shopping list might vary based on a few factors: how many classes you are taking, your note-taking strategy, and your organization plan. Below are detailed options that will help you pick out the supplies for the best organizational and note-taking systems for you, and further down, you’ll find other categories of supplies to consider for a happy, healthy, successful school year.

The Minimalist

If carrying around the lightest backpack possible appeals to you, consider this note-taking method: Using one notebook at a time, tear out every individual page of notes after each class and stash it in an expanding file folder with different slots for each course you’re taking. At the end of each unit, relocate all your loose notes into a larger file folder kept at home to minimize the amount of paper you carry around every day. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find what you need to study for midterms and finals. If this style speaks to you, start your shopping list here:

● Accordion folder/expanding file folder with enough tabs for all your classes
● Stack of notebooks with tear-out pages
● A lightweight bLen pen or DelGuard Mechanical Pencil
● Large filing box with labeled tabs

The Typist

If you prefer to type your notes, this method can be an effective way to keep them organized and search for them easily. Keep them in separate, well-labeled documents based on class or section, this way, you can quickly search a document via control + F to find the notes you’re looking for. Having digital notes also makes it easier to re-organize them as needed and print out different versions of study guides. This strategy could potentially use less paper, too, so that's cool. If you're the kind of student who takes her notes digitally, we’ve got an excellent start to your shopping list here:

● Laptop and charger
● Keyboard cover
● Laptop case or cover
● Electronics cleaning kit

The Color-Coder

If all your notes on loose pieces of paper sound like chaos, consider keeping each subject separated in their own lane. Designate a notebook and folder for each class, each pair a different color to keep it organized—like blue for math, green for biology, etc. Store each folder-notebook combo in its own binder to keep your notes and handouts together, or all in one large binder if you have a low enough class load that it won't break your backpack (or back). For this style of note-taking, you’ll need:

● 6 different colored folders (or however many classes you have)
● Notebooks, one to match each folder
● 1-inch binders for each notebook and folder set
SARASA Clip Gel Ink Pens
● 15-pack of MILDLINER Highlighters

Once you've got your note-taking needs covered, consider adding items from some of the following categories to your shopping list that will further help you have a successful school year:

Health and Wellness
Vitamin-C Packets
● Water bottle and/or hot mug
● Pocket hand-sanitizer
● Mini first-aid kit

● A planner
● Sticky notes or page markers
Mini whiteboard with whiteboard markers
● Pencil pouch

● A bento box for carrying food with you
● Noise-canceling headphones
● Single-serve instant coffee packets
● Ergonomic backpack, tote, or roller bag that can hold all your stuff