Have you been known to doodle from time to time? Ever hear anyone complain about your doodles, or say they’re a waste of time? Well, they're not!

Doodling is productive:

Productive Doodling

Zebra Pen is a big fan of Sunni Brown. She’s a go-getter who passionately encourages creativity, and doodling! When we noticed she published a book all about doodling, we had to share some knowledge with you! The book is called “The Doodle Revolution.” In it, she states some key insights:

“I’ve seen people tackling serious challenges, and they inevitably go straight to the whiteboard or straight to the wall and start mapping it to have a more effective conversation…And then you have that visual explanation to help people understand what’s really happening.”

Doodling during meetings is actually productive. It helps the mind focus on what is being said, rather than thinking about different topics.

Need more evidence?

A study published in ’09 led researcher Jackie Andrade to an interesting conclusion. She instructed a group of participants to listen to a voicemail message and recount what they remembered. She asked some members to doodle while listening, and others to just simply listen. The result? The doodlers actually remembered 29% more than the non-doodling group. Wow!

Doodle Stigma:

Monkey Around

“I want to flip the entire conversation and be like, okay, let’s actually acknowledge this as a valuable tool and as a valuable technique.”

We couldn’t agree more, Sunni! There is a stigma in today’s culture that focuses on doodling as a negative. Doodling, as we know it, wasn’t always considered doodling. For centuries, doodling was associated with a fool – someone who monkeyed around. The negative association with the word has somehow translated to the act of doodling, as we know it today.

Fun Facts about Doodling:

hand drawn the big tree
Did you know that some of our own U.S. presidents doodled? John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were just a couple who entertained their inner doodler. Even great novelists like Mark Twain and Fyodor Dostoyevsky practiced the art of doodling.

The Key Takeaway:

Key Takeaway

Doodling is good for you! Doodle more, and learn how to maximize your doodling capabilities! Interested in more info about doodling? We have some awesome doodling tools.