The Problem:

You know the feeling. You're in the middle of writing something when, all of a sudden, you notice ink all over your palm. How embarrassing! This problem has plagued societies for centuries. The pain of slow drying ink has affected all of us, especially lefties! We know ink can be a crucial deciding point for purchasing a pen, so we treat ink with respect at Zebra. If we can think of new ways to use technology to bring innovation to the way we use ink, then we can improve our products and make them that much more lovable.
We brought this problem to our Ink Innovations Lab to do some testing, and we came out with a break-through ink solution that we’re pleased to share with you!

The Solution: Evolutionary Rapid Dry Ink

Our solution was the result of rigorous testing and improving of our ink, but before we could improve our ink, we had to take the following variables into account:
  1. Users writing pressure when putting pen to paper
  2. Paper Stock
  3. Bold point sizes, e.g., 1.0mm
  4. Ink color
See the results of our chart by visiting our Ink Innovations page. Our Rapid Dry Inks allow you to create and write fearlessly and…smearlessly. And test the rapid dry ink test by trying our new SARASA RDI 14-Pack!