Why does Zebra, a maker of pens and pencils love technology? Because it has changed all our lives for the better. Instant access to information - anywhere, anytime - is not just a need but an expectation. People carry a computer with them wherever they go, like smart phones and tablets.

But people also carry a pen at all times to jot down notes, sign documents, sketch or write a message.

Both are essential to everyday life.

So Zebra looked at the intersection of these two needs, and decided to create a tool that links them both, and the StylusPen was born.

The StylusPen functions like an ordinary ballpoint pen for traditional writing needs, and can also be used as a stylus to navigate most screened devices. It changes from a pen to a stylus and back again with a simple motion.

Two-in-one function and value.

Use StylusPens On:

  • Smartphones
  • iPads
  • Tablets
  • Laptops (with touchscreen capability)
  • Desktop Computers (with touchscreen capability)
  • Paper
  • Variety of writing surfaces


Advantages of StylusPens:

  • Precise, finger-free navigation of touchscreens
  • Operates over wide temperature range
  • Small amount of friction with technological surface
  • Fully functional traditional ballpoint pen
  • Does not clog or dry out
  • Easily switch between pen and stylus

Zebra Pen is proud to have been the first writing instruments company to design a StylusPen and we now offer several styles. Use this guide to choose the one that works best for you.

Our Products:

StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable Pen

This is the original StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable Pen, the brainchild of the innovative designers at Zebra Pen. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design. This pen packs a lot of functionality into one tool. Easy-glide ink provides a smooth writing experience. The ridged rubber grip makes writing comfortable, and the easy-slide stylus nib works on most screens. It has a convenient clip for your pocket, folder, or bag.


Switching from stylus to pen is easy. A simple click of the clip retracts the tip. The lacquered barrel is available in 8 bold colors: Black, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Navy, Orange, Pink, or Violet. Available only in Black ink and a point size of 1.0mm and 8.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.


StylusPenTelescopic Ballpoint Pen


When you’re short on space but big on ideas, grab this compact expandable ballpoint pen that extends to full length when writing and easily retracts to a shorter length for portability. The StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint Pen is full sized, but collapses down to a compact size. Tuck the Telescopic neatly away in any pocket, bag or briefcase. You’ll love the quality construction of the brass barrel and its sleek, sophisticated look. Nicely balanced and works on most screens. In pen mode, the ultra-smooth ink makes it a pleasure to write with. Choose from 5 fashionable barrel colors: Grey, Light Blue, Navy, Pink, or Violet. Available only in Black ink and a point size of 1.0mm and 8.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.


StylusPen Capped Ballpoint Pen

The StylusPen Capped Ballpoint Pen is what happens when ingenuity and style come together in one product. This polished stylus pen has its ballpoint pen tip hidden beneath a cap that snaps on easily, and the designer metal clip adds flair. From pen mode, just cap it and flip it over in one swift motion, and voila, you have a stylus. With its ultra-smooth ink performance, you’ll love writing with this pen and find yourself reaching for it time after time. Choose from 3 lacquered metal barrel colors: Black, White, or Zebra Print. Available only in Black ink a point size of 1.0mm and 6.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.



StylusPen Twist Ballpoint Pen

Function with a twist, and quite the looker. Whenever you want your stylus to become a pen, just do the twist. The StylusPen Twist Ballpoint Pen is a minimalist approach to our technological and written needs by incorporating two assets into one expressive tool. It’s also a very handsome pen, with sleek lines and a professional look that goes anywhere. The brushed metal and slim barrel will appeal to artists, designers and those with discerning taste. The easy-glide ink makes writing effortless and the smooth rubber stylus tip makes navigation a pleasure. Choose from 2 barrel colors: Black or Silver. Available only in Black ink a point size of 0.7mm and 5.0mm stylus tip. Refillable.



Product Name Point Size Stylus Nib Size Barrel Type Barrel Colors Ink Color Grip Special Features
StylusPen Ballpoint Retractable1 1.0mm 8.0mm Lacquered Copper Black Green Grey Light Blue Navy Orange Pink Violet Black Yes Simple clip retraction; Easy-glide ink
StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint2 1.0mm 8.0mm Quality Copper Grey Light Blue Navy Pink Violet Black No Contracts and expands; Low viscosity, ultra-smooth ink
StylusPen Capped Ballpoint3 1.0mm 6.0mm Lacquered Metal Black White Zebra Black No Snap-cap function; Low viscosity, ultra-smooth ink
StylusPen Twist Ballpoint4 0.7mm 5.0mm Brushed Metal Black Silver Black No Simple twist function for ballpoint exposure; Easy-glide ink
Pick a pen that is tech-savvy and functional. Choose StylusPen. Find Zen in your pen.