Photo courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

Do you take pride in your penmanship? Some may argue that as technology continues to increasingly infiltrate our lives, the art of penmanship is dying. However, we at Zebra Pen understand the value of writing. (For more on this check out our blog posts on 4 Benefits of Handwriting Notes and What You’re Giving Up By Writing Less.)

We’re not the only ones who believe in the power of penmanship. Texas A&M baseball Coach Rob Childress recently gave an interview to The Bryan-College Station Eagle on why handwriting is so important to him.

"Probably about second grade, I felt like I stood out," Childress said. "It's just always been a pride thing with my penmanship. Given that my mom was a schoolteacher, it was always important that I had good penmanship. I don't know, something stuck with me.”

His pen of choice? Zebra, of course! Childress is partial to the maroon 301A Retractable Ballpoint pen, and he has been known to hand write the lineup card. "It's so hard to get in our lineup," Childress said. "The least I can do is take my time and write each young man's name as best I can that earns the right to be in our lineup."

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