At Zebra Pen, we believe in the sustainability of our planet and focusing on our packaging is a part of that. At the end of fiscal year 2021, we have transitioned from PVC to RPET, or developed originally with RPET, a total of 38 blisters. So, what that mean?

PVC is the acronym for Polyvinyl chloride that is a tough chemically resistant synthetic resin used for a wide variety of products. A building block of PVC is chlorine that releases dioxins into the environment and can cause cancer, reproductive, developmental and immune problems. While Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) is a kind of plastic made entirely of recycled products like water bottles.

We knew that switching to RPET was the right course of action for our blister packs. A blister pack is the plastic that holds our products into place before it is opened.

With switching our packaging from PVC to RPET, we hope to be doing our part to help combat harmful plastic from entering the environment.

According to Recycle Across America, recycling prevents waste from going into oceans - it is proven, when there is a strong recycling culture, there is less litter and less waste going into ocean. It also significantly reduces use of fossil fuel energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Using material that is beneficial to the environment is a goal that we at Zebra are hoping to continue to utilize in everything we produce from the lighting system in our manufacturing facility to the gas in our transportation trucks.

All our items for Walmart have transitioned to RPET and we are working on making sure that all our packaging is consistent throughout our entire company.

Zebra Pen remains committed to doing our share to positively impact the environment within which we live. Shop all refillable products here!