Winter and the first signs of snow can be exciting. With the promise of warm sweaters, hot drinks, and fun snow-related activities, the beginning of the coldest season is often greeted with open arms. But, as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, so do your spirits. What was once a feeling of excitement gets replaced by feelings of lethargy, sadness, and a longing for warmth and sunlight. We call this a bad case of the winter blues, and we’ve got the cure: color!

  1. Write It In Style Black ink on white paper can quickly remind you of the black sky and white surroundings outside. Writing is something you do every day, so it’s an easy way to bring more color into your life. Put down the black pen and pick up something with more color. Write letters to friends in their favorite color. Write your diary entries with a different color for each paragraph, each sentence, or even each word- go color crazy!
    Write It In Style and Craft Your Cares Away
  2. Craft Your Cares Away The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your time indoors can’t be delightful. Nothing says color like crafts. Grab felt, glitter, construction paper, and a pack of Sarasa Gel Pens, available in 14 colors, to begin your crafting journey. Not sure what to make? A quick Pinterest search should give you more than enough inspiration.
    Organize Your Life
  3. Organize Your Life Add some color to your surroundings through organization. Color-code your day planner by using different colored inks for different events. Organize your closet so that all of the bright colors are at the front. Sort through old furniture and clothing using bright colored sticky notes to designate what to keep, throw away, or give away. Write every event type in a different color in your organizer. Color-code your grocery list so that you aren’t making multiple trips to the same aisle.

  4. Dress “Warmly” When the ground is covered in white, and the sky is only varying shades of grey, sometimes all you need is a change of color. To combat the cold outside, surround yourself with warm colors: oranges, reds, and yellows that will remind you of warmer days. Grab colored accessories like hats, scarves, or gloves or go bold with a bright winter coat.
    Dress "warmly"
  5. Get Away Sometimes the best way to get rid of the winter blues is to go someplace where it isn’t winter. Surround yourself with green leaves, blue waves, and sunny skies by taking yourself and your family somewhere warmer. Can’t go someplace else? Turn your house into a vacation destination. Draw palm trees and hang them on the walls, turn on all the lights, and use your bathtub as a heated pool.
    Get Away
Don’t spend all winter wishing for summer, cheer up with some color!