With the holiday season coming to an end, winter breaks from school will also be ending. Now is the perfect time to restock on writing supplies that you probably ran out of last semester! Soon you or your children will be waking up and stepping out into the cold in the early hours to leave for school. Make sure you are sending them off to school with products that you know you can count on.

For Elementary and Middle School Students:


Cadoozles Starters_ No. 2Cadoozles Starters #2 Mechanical Pencils are perfect for little learners! They are perfect for tiny hands that need to practice their writing skills.


Classic #2 Yellow Mechanical Pencils are just like the traditional yellow #2 pencil in design, but function mechanically. These pencils are stylish and never need sharpening!


Z-Grip Safari

The Z-Grip Ballpoint Retractable Pen Safari Collection makes a fun statement and will help to make young students’ learning experiences fun.

GR8 Gel Retractable Pen

GR8 Gel Retractable Pens are designed specifically to make for a smooth writing experience. They are easy to hold and write with, making them great for students.

For High School and College Students:


DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

The sophisticated DelGuard Mechanical Pencil resists lead breakage and clogging. It’s the ultimate pencil for the most dedicated students.


The M-301 is from our popular Steel line. Its sleek design and handy clip make it both fashionable and portable—the perfect combination for on-the-go, busy students.


Z-Grip Plus

The Z-Grip Plus Ballpoint Retractable Pen has low viscosity ink that glides easily across paper, which is essential for notetaking. This pen also comes in several ink colors, all at an affordable price.

29210PROD - F-402_0.7mm_Black

A step up from our popular Steel 3-series, the F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen features a rugged steel body and rubberized grip that offer a slightly weighted writing experience that maximizes comfort.


H-301 Highlighter

The H-301 Highlighter is as vibrant as it is sleek. It will be able to keep up with all students as they use this highlighter to study and take notes with.

For All Students:

Colored Pencils

Cadoozles Starters Mechanical Colored Pencils

Cadoozles Starters Mechanical Colored Pencils aren’t just for kids! Students of all ages will enjoy using these colored pencils when they are creating art projects or color-coding their periodic tables.


Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter - Yellow

Our environmentally conscious Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter contains recycled materials and is double-ended with both fine and medium points. The Zebrite comes in an array of bright colors that won’t bleed through paper.



The newest product in our lineup, the Sarasa Fineliner provides a needle tip that will bring out the artist in every student with its wide variety of vibrant colors. It is the perfect marker for craft projects or adding something extra to diligent notes taken in class.

Going back to school is an exciting time both in fall and after winter break. Find that certain Zen-like feeling knowing you equipped the students in your life with reliable writing utensils that will get them through the rest of the school year. Check out our full range of products offered on our website. Find Zen in your pen. Zebra Pen.