When work feels admittedly boring or redundant, it can be difficult to get your head back in the right space to be productive. Use these tips to boost your creativity at work and make the most of your workday.

Be Mindful of Your Productive Peaks and Pits

According to Business Insider, it is more beneficial to work with your natural rhythms than against them. Some people tend to work more efficiently in the morning while others are more creative in the afternoon. It’s important to acknowledge these peaks so that you can take advantage of your most productive time frames. On the other hand, acknowledging and coping with your pits is just as important. Work through slumps by getting some fresh air or collaborating with a coworker. If you’re able to, sit in a different room for a fresh perspective.

Use Color to Get Organized

Colors greatly affect your emotions and thinking; you can use this to your advantage at work. According to Shift Learning, using the different colors can have a huge impact on behaviors and attitudes while learning or working. Green is said to promote concentration, while orange is said to be uplifting. Blue and orange paired together while highlighting information promotes high levels of thought and comprehension. For soft, beautiful colors to use while highlighting, use Zebra Mildliners. These pastel highlighters are double-ended, perfect for organization all while being easy on the eyes and giving you an opportunity to express your creativity.

Take an Inspiration Break

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Sometimes the best way to focus on the task at hand is to step away for a moment. Read some motivating quotes, watch an inspiring video, or listen to your favorite song or a portion of a podcast to refocus and refresh. Allow yourself to take ten or fifteen minutes to clear your mind and search for inspiration elsewhere. Taking a break is a great way to stay motivated and keep the creativity flowing throughout your work day.

Start Your Day with a To-Do List

Hold yourself accountable by creating a to-do list at the beginning of your day. Give yourself some time to plan for the day ahead and prioritize your tasks. Physically writing these lists out helps to keep your goals and actions aligned while working. As you work, check off each task as it is completed to give yourself a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small the task. Use fun stationary to keep track of your weekly schedule.

Write Handwritten Notes When You Can

Looking at a computer or phone screen for too long can begin to irritate your eyes. Try your best to take breaks from screen time by writing handwritten notes as often as possible. When attending a meeting, leave your laptop or tablet at your desk and grab a pen and paper instead. The products you use to write matter. For a premium, work-friendly line of writing instruments, check out Zebra’s STEEL line of sophisticated and stylish products. Not only does handwriting information boost creativity, it produces a more complex thought pattern and can help with memory as well.