Let’s not kid around, high school’s a jungle – and kids are on the loose. The high school chapter is crucial for preparing your child for college and the real world. Students face harder classes and tests, and they have more to do than ever before. Motivation is a key factor in success, but it also helps to have the right look – that’s where a sleek steel pen steps up to the challenge.
  1. For high schoolers, image and self-expression are everything, whether they like to admit it or not. And with the high writing demands, they are always seen with a pen or pencil in hand. Let them use this opportunity to carry an awesome accessory and get cool looks and attention. Steel’s stylish body makes this pen the perfect option for turning a necessary tool into a trend worthy object.
  1. Writing is an inevitable and never-ending. In high school, class notes fill more pages, the essays are longer and you can say goodbye to most multiple choice exams (who said life was fair?). The problem with all of this writing is that most pens and pencils aren’t up to the destructive nature of a teenager, and they aren’t exactly something that students are careful with. A stainless steel barrel will stand up to any level of destructive use, including honors, AP classes and the occasional bending and snapping pens.
  1. Ever thought about what your child’s future employees may think of your precious baby? If they can talk the talk, they should walk the walk and come prepared with a sleek steel pen. Sometimes even the smallest of details can leave a lasting impression on employers or interviewers. Don’t let them miss an opportunity to make their first impressions in steel.
  1. Have you ever kept better track of something because you knew it was more valuable? The same applies with the steel pen. Sure, it’s a little more than a conventional pen or pencil, but you can be sure they’ll consider it more valuable, and they’ll remember it more, instead of forgetting it everywhere.
  1. What does a plastic pen look like after being run over by a teen on their way to something they’re already late for? Completely destroyed. Now, apply that same scenario to an F-701, and voila! Just pick it up, and use it! That wasn’t too bad, now was it?
High school can be a jungle, but if equipped with the right tools and tips, your child can stand out from the crowd, just like a zebra! Which steel pen is right for your child? Check out the selection here!