On average, most Americans consider “busyness” to be signify social and economic status, according to a study by the Columbia Business School. According to this study, people who appear to be busy are perceived to be more ambitious than those who value leisure time. Despite the metaphorical “badge of honor” that may be associated with being busy, the stress of everyday life can become overwhelming, increasing stress and limiting productivity and efficiency. Multitasking has actually been proven to reduce your ability to process information properly. At Zebra Pen, we value finding Zen in each and every day. We’ve curated a list of five items that will make your busy life easier.

Zebra PM-701

The right tools can make all the difference in your day. Purchasing high quality writing instruments can make everyday tasks easier, and more fun. The reliability of our stainless steel permanent marker, the Steel PM-701, won’t disappoint. Our permanent marker has a stainless steel barrel that won’t crack under pressure, unlike a plastic competitor. The PM-701 has a cap off time of 5 days, making it the perfect tool for the office, home, or anything in between. This marker is refillable, and available in four different colors.


Phone Holder/Mount

An unlikely hero for many smartphone users, a retractable phone mount adds comfortability and stability to everyday phone use. The extended attachment on the back of an especially large smartphone can prevent the phone from dropping. Many attachments come in a variety of different designs, and can add a distinct look and personality to your phone. The extra attachment adds remarkable stability when you want to take high quality photos or videos, or even when you’re browsing through Zebra Pen’s Instagram page.

Smart Speaker

Searching the web just got easier.. Smart speakers are essentially personal home assistants. These products have endless capabilities, and can be controlled simply with the sound of your voice. Smart speakers can provide information on an array of subjects, such as weather, definitions, stocks, and so much more. Some smart speakers can even order/add things to your shopping list. It also acts as a bluetooth speaker when you want to enjoy some tunes or entertain guests.

Scannable Smart Notebook

We know what you’re thinking, what in the world is a “Smart Notebook?” Smart Notebooks are useful tools to upload your handwritten work onto you phone or laptop! Most Smart Notebooks require you to write/draw your work on a piece of paper, then scan the page with the associated app. Now, you can access all your saved work electronically via an app or cloud service. Use the Zebra F-701 to take essential notes, handy lists, or extensive drafts. After your done, just scan the page and it’s instantly available on your electronic devices to use anywhere.


Smart Backpacks

If you’re going to be carrying around a bag or backpack it might as well be tech-friendly! 2018 has seen a renaissance in backpack wear, and more people want their backpacks to do much more just than carry their belongings. Smart backpacks have a multitude of uses, including charging your phone on the go! Some smart backpacks even have speakers attached so you can always #FindZen in music at home or on the go.