Sure, we all know that left-handers are uncommon (about 10% of the population), but we found a lot more interesting facts than that! Here are five we think you’ll enjoy:
Tennis racket and ball

1. Lefties are better at competitive sports

One-on-one sports like tennis, boxing and fencing are among many sports in which lefties have been found to triumph.
mixed oil paint with paintbrush

2. Art comes more naturally to Lefties

You may not be a Picasso, but art, music and writing are considerably filled with left-handers. They are the creative professionals. “Left-handers have a higher fluid intelligence and better vocabulary than the majority of the population,” says Dr. Alan Searleman.
Multitasking businessman

3. Lefties multitask better than righties

If you’re quicker at video games, sporting events, or other activities that require simultaneous responses, you’re probably left handed! Studies are finding that the major connection between the left and right brain is stronger in left-handers. Power to the left-handers!
adorable small cat on white bottom

4. Human lefties are outnumbered – not so much with other species

Lefties make up roughly 10% of the population. However, species like cats, rats and mice are equally right and left-handed. Question: If a left handed human is considered a bear-paw, would a left-handed bear be considered a human-paw? Don’t answer that.
Counter calendar august 13.

5. Lefties have their own day!

Are your calendars marked for August 13th? For left-handers, that’s the day to focus on the left-handers lifestyle. Does that mean every other day is right-handers day? I don’t see how that’s fair.

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