The Easter Bunny is on his way, and candy isn’t the only thing he’ll be putting into kids’ Easter baskets. In addition to the traditional chocolate bunnies and treats, many parents will be giving children something fun in their Easter baskets this year to keep them busy!
5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Zebra Pen

Here are 5 types of fun and creative Easter gift ideas to keep your child’s mind and body active this spring.

1. Creative

Give your child the freedom to create something beautiful from real life inspiration or their imagination. Place colorful spring and Easter-themed pens and pencils in their Easter basket along with a blank sketch pad, journal or coloring book. Zebra has Cadoozles® mechanical pencils with Easter print and other fun patterns, Cadoozles® Starters colored pencils designed for the beginning writers, the smooth Z-Grip® Ballpoint Pen in floral patterns, and smudge-free Sarasa® Gel Retractable Pens, which come in 14 vibrant colors.
Pens and Pencils Hop into the Easter Basket

2. Active

Keep your kids moving with basket stuffers like, jump ropes, hackey sacks and Hi-Bounce Pinky® balls, most of which can be found at your nearest dollar store. You can find games, activities and instructions for each online from sources like Rope Works, hackey sack for beginners and classic Pinky® ball games.
5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Jump Rope

3. Outdoor Fun

For some outdoor creative fun, sidewalk chalk and bubbles are always a hit. You can even find egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, or make your own. Pinterest has a lot of fun sidewalk chalk games and even recipes. Bubbles are also relatively easy to DIY. Gifting your child with fun outdoor activities will enable the whole family to take advantage of warmer, sunny days this Spring and into Summer!
5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Sidewalk Chalk

4. Green Thumb

Another activity that can go from indoors to out is planting a garden. You can pick up colorful seed packets and tiny terracotta pots at your local garden center or discount store. The floral seed packets make a bright and beautiful addition to the basket, and you can even decorate the little terracotta pots with paint and ribbon. Gardening is a great activity you can do with your children and enjoy the benefits of spring into fall. You can find lots of helpful info on
5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Gardening

5. Indoor Fun

For those rainy Spring days when you can’t get outside, there are some fun Easter gifts you can throw in the basket as well, such as small puzzles, LEGOs®, yo-yo's and Easter-themed books. From bunny and chick LEGOs® to Easter print yo-yo’s, there are plenty of options in the Indoor Fun category.
5 Fun Easter Basket Ideas - Puzzle
Speaking of rainy April days, parents, be sure to stay tuned to our blog next month for our new Zen adult coloring book.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you’ve got some ideas, start hunting for the best creative and active Easter basket gifts for your child. After the holiday, leave us your comments on what your child enjoyed the most. Happy Easter!