EDISON, NJ ( AUGUST 27, 2017) – Zebra Pen Corp., a global leader in the writing and creative products industry, is celebrating Zebra Pen’s 35th birthday. Zebra Pen Corporation was founded in New York City in August 27, 1982. Though this was the beginning for Zebra Pen in the United States, its history started long before this date.

The parent company, Zebra Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan has existed as a manufacturer of writing instruments since 1898 and has operated since then as a manufacturer of solely writing instruments. The company was founded by Mr. Tokumatsu Ishikawa to manufacture the traditional brush pen used in writing the Japanese language characters.

When Zebra Company expanded to the U.S. market, it took a much different path. Due to the size and the potential of the U.S. market, it was decided to establish an independent company to market and sell the Zebra line. From this, the company, Zebra Pen Corporation was born in 1982 and proudly carries on the long and humble history of commitment to innovation and quality, the hallmark of Zebra Company.

Since its founding, Zebra Pen has expanded very rapidly and effectively with a product line geared to the tastes and demands of the U.S. market. Zebra Pen Corporation offers a complete line of writing and creative instruments, all of which are guaranteed to provide quality and reliability.

In the 1970's that Zebra Company achieved a major innovation with the perfection of the ballpoint pen - mechanical pencil combination known as the "Sharbo." The introduction of the Sharbo established Zebra Company as a manufacturer and designer of state of the art instruments and as a company that would shape the future of writing instruments.