The Difference Makers Campaign Highlights the Path Less Traveled

EDISON, NJ, February 26, 2021 – Zebra Pen Corp., a global leader in the writing instrument industry, launched its Difference Makers campaign today, which highlights the next generation of thinkers and doers. The first segment of this campaign tells the story of Tom Worcester, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur who has co-founded several startups including Lunchbox and Create with Carousel.

Tom Worcester’s extraordinary path started at age four when he lost most of his hearing in an accident. This loss of hearing as a toddler made him different at a young age, but it did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. Instead, it became the catalyst that has helped fuel his entrepreneurial passions.

“I was so determined to overcome [the hearing loss], and so determined and forceful about the fact that I was going to beat this that it kind of ended up creating the foundation of my character,” explained Tom Worcester. “Not only was I someone who was forced to deal with adversity at a very young age, I was also taking that adversity and using it as fuel for what came next.”

As a Difference Maker and entrepreneur, Tom is always seeking answers that can solve problems, create renewed value, and drive innovation. This passion to do things differently has led him to kickstart companies Lunchbox, Create with Carousel, as well as other startups during and after his college career.

“I choose different because I’m driven by curiosity,” said Worcester. “Every single day I embrace different, and it takes me to a new conversation, a new place, a new problem, a new problem set, a new solution. That fascinates me.”

Zebra Pen is passionate about their products, which are as unique as the people who choose them. As part of the company’s Choose Different campaign, the Difference Makers program will highlight three emerging entrepreneurs and self-starters who have chosen to take the path less traveled to deliver unique solutions for everyday people. These stories will be unveiled at staggered times throughout the course of the campaign.

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