The history of the world is documented through writing and illustration. We know about our ancient ancestors because of the drawings on cave walls, hieroglyphics, and carvings in stone that they left behind. Without written record documenting the passing of time, we would miss out on the story.

Zebra Pen - Cave Drawing
Written documents have been instrumental in affecting change in major events throughout history. The written Declaration of Independence and Constitution recorded the creation of the United States of America. The writing of treaties and purchase documents helped officially register colony formation and land ownership. Written amendments to the Constitution affected how people were allowed to go about their lives. Legendary speeches that sparked and fueled major political and social movements started as written words on paper. Writing is, in large part, the reason we have documented history.
History of Writing - Zebra Pen
These written documents chronicle our history, and the handwriting reminds us of the influential people who made it happen. Each person’s handwriting is as unique as the person who held the pen, and looking at someone’s handwriting creates a personal connection and a window to their soul. Seeing a handwritten work from a famed poet or a handwritten contract from an historic event evokes emotion and makes it real.

Writing also documents personal histories. Childhood journals document long-forgotten friendships, tribulations and transitions. Copies of signed legal documents, certificates, and reports track a life full of decisions, transformations and key moments. Handwriting captures these moments in a way other documentation can’t. Records like a document with script painstakingly crafted to perfection, or an impassioned letter formed with scribbling and crossed out words because the motivation for writing was greater than the need to be careful, all document, not only the moment, but also the emotion of the moment.

Woman Journal Writing - Zebra Pen
People write every day, documenting their personal histories and the history of the world as a whole. Why not make your mark? Grab your favorite pen or pencil and write your story, and your contribution to history.