By: Christine Asciutto of @twinkleplansherday

Handmade cards are always cherished by Mom. Here is an easy card using just a handful of products including Mildliner Brush Pens and cardstock.

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Prep the Cardstock and Hand Letter the Card Greeting

Start by folding your cardstock in half lengthwise to create the base of the card. Next, hand letter the card greeting, “Home is Where Mom is” on the front of the card with one of the colors of the Mildliner Brush Pens. In the example above, I used the Gray color, but feel free to mix up the colors as I did in the examples below.

Step 2: Add Details to the Calligraphy

To make the calligraphy pop, use the Zensations Calligraphy Pen to add accents to the words. To add even more interest, add dark lines to the left side of each stroke with the Mildliner Brush Pen for a shadow effect.

Step 3: Create Floral and Teardrop Designs

It is time to bring out your creativity! Add a colorful touch by slowly incorporating various flower designs and teardrop shapes along the borders of the card using as many colors of the Mildliner Brush Pens as you’d like. To make the teardrop shapes along the corners, simply lay the Mildliner Brush Pen on its side, as shown in the photo above.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

Continue using dots, lines, and swirls to create florals and greenery to the border edges of the card. To finish the card off, don’t forget to add a personal message inside of the card. Mom will not throw this card away!

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