Taking care of your mental wellbeing is a lifelong journey, however, there are many steps we can take to cultivate a healthy mind and promote emotional wellbeing. For example, through pen and paper. Harnessing your thoughts and feelings through pen (or other writing tools) and paper is powerful. From improved communication and thinking skills to increased clarity and creativity, expressive writing and art has proven to be a beneficial tool for managing stress and general mental health.

With the help of creative Zebra Pen products like our CLiCKART Retractable Felt Tip Markers, you can cultivate a healthy mind in bold, bright, and beautiful color. Continue reading to explore some of the creative ways you can improve your day-to-day activities centered around mental health with the help of CLiCKART.



Art by @creativejeel on Instagram 

Ways to use CLiCKART for Enhancing Mental Health


There are no right or wrongs when it comes to journaling. Even just taking five minutes a day to write a journal entry can help you reduce stress and propel forward in your pursuit of personal growth. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you relax, manage stress, and cope with various moods and emotions you may be experiencing. Journaling also allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, set goals, and visualize solutions to hardships you may face. Ultimately, if you use your journal as a place to reflect, you're encouraging self-confidence that can improve your overall relationship with yourself. 

With CLiCKART Retractable Felt Tip Markers, you can click right into journaling without having to worry about losing your marker cap. The convenient, capless design makes it easier than ever to express yourself in color. The 36 vibrant shades in the CLiCKART color palette make all your quotes, affirmations, and other journal entries stand out. You can also color code your journal entries depending on the topic you are writing about. For example, red can symbolize relationships while blue can symbolize family. 


Journal by @heychristinamac on Instagram 

Planning & Organizing

Life can be hectic at times but planning and organizing can help! When you use a planner, you can keep track and stay on top of important appointments, due dates, events, and more which can help you reduce the stress of trying to remember everything you have going on. Planning offers a space that can help you balance the scales of your life, stay focused and consistent, and give you peace of mind.  

The possibilities for planning a life in bold, beautiful color are endless with CLiCKART! Bring color and life to planner pages through writing, title making, and fun doodles! Each CLiCKART Marker features a precise 2.0mm bullet tip that offers a 0.6mm average line width which can vary depending on pressure. This makes them perfect for using in smaller spaces on your planner layout! The new ink technology featured in CLiCKART also absorbs moisture from the air, which keeps the marker ink from drying out for up to one year! 

Planner Spready by @designing.my.days on Instagram 

Creating Art

The power of creativity is strong! Whether it's drawing, writing, painting, or crafting, creating art benefits your mental health in many ways. Art provides us with opportunities to see life and personal experiences from new perspectives. It also reduces stress, boosts your level of happiness, and facilitates social connection when you share and talk about what you made with others. The best part of creating is that anyone can do it! You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to take advantage of the beauty and benefits of making art. 

Kick off your artistry with a quick click! From drawing and doodling, to lettering and craft making, there are so many ways to incorporate CLiCKART in your next creative project. Some examples for projects you can use CLiCKART for include card making, handwriting practice, Zentangle, and mandala drawing. The water-based dye ink also blends with water meaning you can use CLiCKART for watercolor creations too! 

Art by @carolmidorii_letters on Instagram 


CLiCKART Retractable Felt Tip Marker Features 

CLiCKART Retractable Felt Tip Markers offer many unique qualities that make them an ideal option for creative expressions.  

  • Retractable, capless design 
  • Crisp, vibrant color – 36 colors available 
  • 2.0mm bullet tip – 0.6mm average line width which can vary depending on pressure 
  • Water-based ink absorbs moisture from the air, so it never dries out!* 
  • Ink blends with water making it great for watercolor techniques 
  • Won’t bleed through most papers 

*Tested to not dry out for up to one year. Longevity is maximized when the pen is retracted and can vary depending on environmental conditions and storage. Recommend storing in a cool dry place. 

Be kind to your mind all the time and don’t forget to harness the full power of your creativity! The benefits will follow shortly. Looking for more creative Zebra Pen inspiration? Be sure to check out our other
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