By: Mark Klein

During late September, every artist, professional or beginner begins drawing to participate in “Inktober,” the time of year that gives creativity a chance to shine.

Inktober is a month-long challenge meant to inspire artists to hopefully create new drawings daily, and establish productive, artistic habits. Most of all, we get to share our art and process with our peers. It’s challenging, helpful, and most of all, fun.

Luckily, my friends at Zebra Pen to write a blog on my Inktober process and share with you. I hope you can use these helpful hints throughout Inktober!

I often get asked, “how did you learn to draw?” The answer is, I was never taught, because I believe that a person cannot be “taught”. Everyone can draw, but just like athletics or music, it requires practice and a lot of disappointments. Much like any other hobby, drawing requires practice, practice, and more practice. During Inktober, you will shock and surprise yourself on what you can do. Inktober gives us 31 days to practice and share with others. You will be amazed at your progress from October 1st until we finish on Halloween!

Here are some tips for those new to Inktober, and just beginning:

Draw what you enjoy.

Inktober gives us prompts, but most of all to be successful, draw what you enjoy.

Draw like you , and in your style.

Our art "styles" are what make us so vastly different and wonderful.Z

Experiment with different pen or ink types, or entirely new medias.

Find what makes you comfortable and let your work shine. You will be surprised.

Stick with it.

31 drawings in 31 days can seem like a marathon. Take a day off here and there, because everyone works at their own pace. We are here as an artistic community to have each other’s backs, and to motivate and support.

Most of all, enjoy yourself.

Have fun, share your work. You will be amazed at your process and progression! I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s work this year. Just tag your work with #Inktober, #Inktober2018, and #ZensationsChallenge for a chance to win your own Zebra Zensations products. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @officialartmark

Good luck, and get those fingers inky. Cheers.

Mark A. Klein