Why is it so hard to shop in stores these days? Shoppers have enough challenges, and one of the more frustrating problems is trying to sort through all the products on the shelf to find what you really need. Companies don’t make it easier with their cluttered and confusing packaging. The simple task of buying basic supplies, like pens and pencils, is far more stressful than it needs to be. As Zen (the spokes-animal for Zebra pens) would say, “Simple is always better.”

Zen is a very wise advisor.

“We decided to streamline our package design and make changes that would help our customers find exactly what they were looking for,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing for Zebra pens. The company recently unveiled new designs that will hit stores this fall.

To begin the design process, Zebra went to the experts (actual shoppers) to understand their wants and needs, and the best way to communicate this information.

“Our customers told us what they wanted, and that is what we gave them,” said Newman. “We tested designs, and chose the one that was most impactful and shopper friendly.”

Each package features a bold, black + white Zebra on the left. This easy-to-spot brand symbol is a promise of innovation, high quality and good value. Zebra’s individual brands, like Sarasa, and Cadoozles, appear in the upper right corner along with a description of the product, i.e. “Gel Retractable,” or “Mechanical Pencil,” so there is no doubt what you are buying. The key benefits and other features are listed clearly.

“Now when a shopper is standing in the aisle, he or she can look for the Zebra, then zero in quickly on the product that is needed. Each of the products is color coded, to make it even easier for future purchases,” said Newman. No confusion, no time wasted, no worries.

Now you can Find Zen in Your Pen, and in the Store.

Finding a Zebra product in store is as easy as 1 – 2 - 3.