we get a lot of compliments on our V-301 Fountain Pen. We also get a few questions from consumers who aren't quite sure how or why their V-301 is not performing. Rest assured, all of our Zebra products go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality before they leave the door. So what's going on?

We reached out to you for answers:

In talking to some of our more outspoken fans, it appears that the majority of frustration relates to the proper engagement of the refill ink cartridge. The resolution is quite simple – if you don’t hear the cartridge snap into place, then the ink seal wasn’t punctured and the ink will not flow properly. Another little trick is to provide a few quick shakes to get the ink flowing.

Follow these two pieces of advice and you’ll find the V-301 to be a terrific fountain pen. Head over to the V-301 product page to find out more!