Oh … we know, it’s tax season again.

Are you an ultimate procrastinator when it comes to filing your taxes?

We all wait until the last minute to file our taxes. No matter how many reminders, tax guides, or reminders we receive, we put it off, and keep putting it off.

Our tip to you, get the right highlighter and pens to make sure you are completing your taxes with a quality writing instrument. Having a pen that works makes all the difference when you finally get around to completing your taxes.

Zebra Orbitz Gel Pen with Check Safe Ink Technology

Orbitz 2

Zebra H-301 Highlighter

76070PROD - H-301_Pink_cap off
The infographic below includes a list of all the forms needed, as well as advice on what to do if you need an extension or if you owe the IRS money. Good luck and try to not procrastinate this year.