Life can be inconvenient if you’re left-handed.

It seems the world is designed for righties. Everyday things that a right hander takes for granted, like door handles, spiral notebooks, and can openers add a layer of inconvenience for lefties. Computer keyboards have the number keypads on the right. A left-handed driver has to reach across his body to access the cup holder. Shaking hands is awkward.

But the number-one annoyance for left-handed Americans (there are about 28 million) is writing with an ordinary ballpoint pen. A right-hander uses an easy, natural pulling motion, whereas a left-hander has to push making writing a pain, literally. Add to that the ink smearing that accompanies the pushing motion and makes a mess of things. Is it too much to ask for a left-hander’s pen?

The right pen for lefties

There is good news for lefties. Advances in ink formulations have produced fast-drying ink, like the Rapid Dry Ink Technology perfected by Zebra Pen, and featured in Sarasa® pens. The water based gel ink dries in less than a second on most surfaces, so fast that lefties can write with confidence and no smears. A Sarasa® pen glides smoothly across the page making it easier to use for everyday writing needs. Sarasa® pens come in 14 vibrant colors, too.

If you’re an ink geek, or just want to find out more about this amazing ink, visit Zebra Pen Ink Innovation. Learn about differences in ink types and how they affect writing, and bone up on pen terminology. Of course lefties (and righties) will also want to check out Sarasa®, which was put to the test.

Independent test results

Fast Drying using ink innovation that is completely dry in under one second. See the test results

14 Colors Won the Color Vibrancy Test. See the test results Rapid dry ink - this is something left-handed people have been dreaming of since 3000 BC when writing on papyrus scrolls and reed pens was fashionable. Progress takes time, but it’s worth it, thanks to the innovators at Zebra pen.